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Littlestown's hot start reignites fans in cold

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Fridays in Littlestown have a different feeling these days.

Since getting out to a 4-0 start, the Littlestown varsity football team has motivated its fan base coming off consecutive losing seasons. 

And Friday, a chilly evening with steady rain showers couldn't keep the Littlestown faithful from cheering for their boys in blue and yellow to a fifth straight win to open the season. This time, it was a 6-0 win against Delone Catholic.

"Everyone's actually excited watching the game," said Grace Murphy, a junior at the high school. 

Cheering on the Thunderbolts while wearing a white jersey and a tutu over her pants, Murphy described herself and her nearby friends as "the life of the student section."

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Friday night featured a "white out" promotion. Members of the band wore white overalls instead of their usual black duds. Students waved cut up pieces of wife-beaters and plain white T-shirts -- Littlestown's version of the Terrible Towel. 

The swirl of white in the student section stood out among the rain jackets and umbrellas. Their enthusiasm matched the intensity of the Thunderbolts on the muddy field. 

"It's so much fun to be around," Joshua Stevens, a junior, said. 

Stevens asserted that the revived energy of the fans keeps the players "pumped up" throughout the week, which was key with the rival Delone Catholic Squires coming to town.

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"It's always a great game," Stevens said.

The student section stayed on their feet the entirety of the first half through the frigid conditions, chanting and celebrating on big plays.

"L-Town Bolts have no fear," the Littlestown cheerleaders shouted. "We're champions this year."

There's been a different level of confidence this year than in the past couple years.

"It's changed so much," said Izzy Hafley, a sophomore in the marching band. "Last year we just sat there like bumps on a log hoping the game was over."

The fans travel to away games this year, outnumbering the home fans for the Sept. 24 game at York County Tech, according to junior Dylan Baker. 

"Every game they play is like 56 to nothing, 36 to nothing," Wayne Kramer said.

Kramer, the father of freshman running back Wyatt Kramer, said he was hopeful for the team's chances to make state championships in Hershey.

"It just seems like they click," Kramer said. "They're working as a team. This year, they're jiving."

Wet and cold, fans' eyes stayed glued to the action on the field despite a 0-0 score at the conclusion of the first half.

"Even with the rain, you can see it's a community surrounded around football," Baker said. 

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