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It’s been quite a while since the Gettysburg Warriors have fielded a sectional champion. In fact the last time they did so was back in 2010.

That changed Saturday when sophomore Joseph Pecaitis captured the title in the 132-pound weight class at the District 3 Section V Class AAA tournament at South Western High School.

Pecaitis was one of three Gettysburg wrestlers who competed for a sectional title in their weight class, but he was the only one to win a championship match.

Daniel Ziegler and Chase Mueller finished second in the 138- and 145-weight class, respectively.

“It feels good right now,” Pecaitis said about winning his sectional title. “This is the first major step complete, and now we’re on to districts. It feels good getting the good seed up there and just excited. Can’t wait.”

Gettysburg head coach Chris Haines saw the sectional title not only as a positive for Pecaitis individually but as a potential boost for the entire program.

“The younger guys, teammates, middle school kids now get to see (a sectional title) first hand,” he said. “None of those guys saw Justin (Amato) win his sectional title … In any program you can bring alumni back in. You can show guys videos and banners and plaques.

“But it’s tough for these younger kids to relate to those guys because they’re not their peers.”

Now the focus shifts to districts and getting into the state tournament.

“At the end of the day it’s all about keep moving on,” Pecaitis said.

Central has a big night

Dylan Chatterton and Isaiah Dickson may have taken home sectional titles for Central York, but Michael Wolfgram’s come-from-behind victory in the 285- pound third-place bout stole the show.

Down 5-3 in the dying moments of the third period, Wolfgram was doing everything in his power to tie his match against New Oxford's Brock Hartman. Then the momentum shifted for the freshman, who managed to get the two points and force the match to overtime.

And when the first overtime period solved nothing, the match went to a second one, where Wolfgram was able to come away with the win off a pin.

“Every time Mike has a match it feels like a championship match,” Central head coach Seth Beitz said. “He’s just one of those kids you love to have in the room. He’s a freshman this year, but he’s just naturally gifted, and you can just never count him out.”

The Panthers finished second in team points, and Chatterton captured his fourth sectional title.

“I’m glad I wrestled pretty well today and got the title,” he said. “But this is nothing. I still have a lot more to do to finish up my senior season on a good note.”

Storm warning

Zurich Storm missed the last six weeks because of an injury, but he didn’t show any lingering signs on Saturday when he captured his third sectional title.

The New Oxford junior had six takedowns in his 12-5 decision victory against Dallastown’s Dalton Daugherty. The No. 1-seeded Storm pinned Xander Holloway in the semifinals and defeated Taylor Elliot by technical fall in the quarterfinals.

“Just score points no matter what,” Storm said about his mindset going into his first-place bout. “Just dominating with my feet in every position that I get in possible.”

The sectional title will send Storm back to districts for the third time in his career. The three-time sectional winner was humble when asked about how it felt to accomplish the feat.

“It feels pretty good,” he responded.

Storm was happy to be back on the mat at sectionals after sitting on the sidelines because of a bad ankle sprain. He had to ice the injury and wear an aircast for two weeks, then spent the remainder of the time rehabbing.

To stay in shape, Storm did some swimming at the direction New Oxford’s head swim coach.

“My personal trainer had me just conditioning,” Storm said. “Working on balance and everything. He also told me to swim.”

There was some rust to shake off during the first match for Storm, but once he got into a rhythm Storm said he was “good to go.”

Class AAA, at South Western

First Round

106 — Nick Knights, YS, pinned Kameron Bly, YCT, 1:41. Austin Brotherton, NO, dec. Alex Rabette, RL, 6-0. Jacob Evans, Get, pinned Issak Gray, Ne, 2:27. Geoffrey Grim, Dt, pinned Jonathan Kirby, Sus, 1:40.

113 — Channing Bratton, RL, pinned John Halbrendt, Get, 2:44. Noah Richley, NO, pinned Darin Wise, Dt, 3:05. Brett Morgan, CY, maj. Dec. Sam Hoover, YCT, 20-8.

120 — Taylor Elliot, YCT, maj. Dec. Giovanni Giambanco, WY, 12-3. Colin Shelton, YS, maj. Dec. Tyler Becker, Do, 10-2. Hoang Pham, CY, pinned Darren Gebler, Get, 2:46. Chance Jackson, SG, pinned Sam Stewart, KD, 3:48.

126 — Garrett Young, Get, pinned Austin Schaszberger, YCT, 1:21. Josh Hirneisen, WY, dec. Dakota Hess, Sus, 4-3. Brennon Romanoff, NO, maj. Dec. Daoud Illayan, YS, 17-4. A.J. McQuaide, CY, tech fall Gerald MacDonald, Dt, 4:00 (22-7).

132 — Corey Shane, RL, pinned Yazir Dixon, Dt, 3:15. Dustin Knaub, YS, pinned Luke Stine, WY, 2:25. Gavin Smith, SW, pinned Jacob Eisenhart, Ne, 1:41. Anthony Hinson, SG, pinned Hunter Failor, Do, 1:05. Michael Rudisill, NO, pinned Ben Sweigard, Sus, 1:41.

138 — Pearce Bloom, YS, def. Allen Stauffer, WY, 5:43. Orion Musti, CY, maj. Dec. Jaron Baker, Dt, 17-8. Wade Rose, KD, dec. Kyle Zumbrum, SG, 13-9. Tyler Ness, RL, maj. Dec. John Kemper, Ne, 13-4.

145 — Matthew Lehman, Do, pinned Nathan Ball, Sus, 1:24. Tanner Sterner, SG, pinned Ryan Caplinger, RL, 1:23. Jordan Shepard, SW, pinned Anders Thoman, YS, 2:37. Ben Hyman, Dt, maj. Dec. Gary Govbernik, Ne, 16-4.

152 — Hayden Jones, Dt, pinned James Bennett, KD, 1:38. Trent Baker, SG, pinned Nick Spadafora, WY, 1:42. Dalton Staub, Ne, dec. Jake Taylor, YS, 5-0. Steven Clawson, CY, dec. Michael Fortney, Get, 9-3.

160 — Josh Paul, Get, pinned Joskanny Lua, NO, 1:27.

170 — Jason Martinez, Do, pinned Matt Ross, Dt, 5:17. Zach Emswiler, CY, pinned Clayton heindel, YCT, 1:34. Jack Conrad, RL, pinned Zack Baker, NO, 2:55. Dan Mummert, SW, pinned Eduardo Perez, Get, 0:55. Joe Mays, Sus, pinned Elijah Alexander, Ne, 2:23.

182 — Cole Stremmel, SW, pinned Macrae Murray, Do, 5:04. Chet Brockett, Get, pinned Andrew Frey, YS, 1:57. Cloyd Doutrick, Ne, pinned Tyler Crumbling, Sus, 2:32.

195 — Jose Vasquez, CY, pinned Jared Williams, YS, 1:02. Donovan Miller, RL, pinned George Ellenberger, YCT, 1:05.

220 — Richard Myers, Sus, pinned Paul Boiser, WY, 2:52. Adoniyah Johnson, YS, pinned Seth Butts, YCT, 1:23. Devin Gaffney, CY, maj. Dec. Joseph Yeater, SW, 12-2. Josh Reyes, RL, pinned Alejandro Ornelas Lopez, Get, 4:21.

285 — Cody Wagaman, Do, pinned Todd Edick, YCT, 0:53. Tanner harkins, KD, dec. Scotty Dickmyer, SW, 6-5. Brock Hartman, NO, pinned Dondi Odom, WY, 0:25. Andrew Senft, Sus, pinned Tyler Gallagher, Get, 1:31. Andrew Lawson, SG, dec. William Anderson, Dt, 1-0.


106 — Dalton Rohrbaugh, SG, pinned Knight, YS, 3:34. Logan Paluch, CY, pinned Brotherton, NO, 4:14. Dameon Davis, KD, pinned Evans, Get, 4:09. Matthew Rodriguez, Do, pinned Grim, Dt, 1:02.

113 — Brandon Rodriguez, Do, maj. Dec. Bratton, RL, 12-0. Adam Leib, SW, pinned Michael Younkin, Sus, 3:25. Justin Cameron Miller, KD, dec. Richley, NO, 5-2. Clay Baker, SG, maj. Dec. Morgan, 14-5.

120 — Zurich Storm, NO, tech fall Elliot, YCT, 2:15 (24-7). Xander Holloway, Sus, dec. Shelton, YS, 12-6. Dalton Daugherty, Dt, tech fall Pham, CY, 4:28 (15-0). Chase Mowery, SW, dec. Jackson, SG, 5-1.

126 — Derek Wilson, SW, pinned Young, Get, 0:48. Cole Daugherty, RL, tech fall Hirneisen, WY, 4:26 (19-2). Jake Meyer, SG, maj. Dec. Romanoff, 10-1. Michael Bracey, KD, pinned McQuaide, CY, 3:18.

132 — Xavier Musti, CY, pinned Shane, RL, 3:11. Smith, SW, pinned Knaub, YS, 2:56. Joe Pecaitis, Get, dec. Hinson, SG, 8-1. Andrew Barnett, KD, pinned Rudisill, NO, 4:26.

138 — Owen Wherley, SW, pinned Bloom, YS, 0:23. Musti, CY, dec. Erik Younkin, Sus, 8-4. Rose, KD, dec. Matthew Poust, NO, 5-1. Daniel Ziegler, Get, pinned Ness, RL, 1:41.

145 — Dylan Chatterton, CY, tech fall Lehman, Do, 3:50 (17-2). Sterner, SG, pinned Jacob Rose, KD, 4:45. Shepard, SW, dec. Sam Sterner, WY, 5-3. Chase Mueller, Get, tech fall Hyman, Dt, 6:00 (19-3).

152 — Gage Thomas, SW, tech fall Jones, Dt, 3:30 (17-2). Baker, SG, maj. Dec. Joey Romjue, Sus, 14-2. Dylan Gurreri, RL, pinned Staub, ne, 3:34. Nolan Poust, NO, dec. Clawson, CY, 8-3.

160 — Drake Pew, Dt, pinned Paul, Get, 0:43. Nathan Gardner, WY, dec. Chris Apgar, Sus, 5-2. Ryan Daugherty, SG, maj. Dec. Tyler Osborne, SW, 10-0. Antonio Rivera, CY, dec. Tyler Mitzel, Ne, 4-1.

170 — Marcus Kehr, SG, pinned Martinez, Do, 1:48. Emswiler, CY, dec. Conrad, RL, 8-7. Austin McNamee, KD, pinned Mummert, SW, 1:33. Ryan Narber, WY, tech fall Mays, Sus, 4:42 (22-7).

182 — Isaiah Dickson, CY, pinned Stremmel, SW, 3:04. Dan Myers, WY, dec. Derrick Rudsill, NO, 4-0. Cameron Green, Dt, pinned Brockett, 0:30. Jared Barley, SG, pinned Doutrick, Ne, 0:24.

195 — Bryce Shields, Dt, pinned Vasquez, CY, 1:09. Dedrick Turner, Ne, pinned Thomas Aumen, SW, 3:24. Josh Cribbs, SG, pinned Luke Cross, Get, 1:02. Jack Allred, Sus, pinned Miller, RL, 0:35.

220 — Austin Richcreek, Do, pinned Myers, Sus, 2:56. Jack Marks, Dt, dec. Johnson, YS, 8-3. Nate Young, SG, maj. Dec. Gaffney, CY, 21-7. Dalton Smith, NO, pinned Reyes, RL, 0:52.

285 — Jared Schell, RL, pinned Wagaman, Do, 1:55. Hartman, NO, pinned Harkins, KD, 0:20. Michael Wolfgram, CY, maj. Dec. Senft, Sus, 14-2. Blaine Yinger, Ne, dec. Lawson, SG, 2-1.


106 — Rohrbaugh, SG, dec. Paluch, CY, 8-2. Rodriguez, Do, dec. Davis, KD, 11-6.

113 — Rodriguez, Do, pinned Leib, SW, 1:49. Baker, SG, dec. Miller, KD, 5-4.

120 — Storm, NO, pinned Holloway, Sus, 1:55. Daugherty, Dt, dec. Mowery, SW, 6-1.

126 — Wilson, SW, tech fall Daugherty, RL, 3:40 (17-1). Bracey, KD, dec. Meyer, SG, 3-2.

132 — Musti, CY, tech fall Smith, SW, 6:00 (18-2). Pecaitis, Get, pinned Barnett, KD, 2:19.

138 — Wherley, SW, pinned Musti, CY, 1:26. Ziegler, Get, maj. Dec. Rose, KD, 9-1.

145 — Chatterton, CY, maj. Dec. Sterner, SG, 10-2. Mueller, Get, maj. Dec. Shepard, SW, 12-2.

152 — Thomas, SW, maj. Dec. Baker, SG, 17-5. Poust, NO, dec. Gurreri, RL, 4-2.

160 — Pew, Dt, tech fall Gardner, WY, 4:45 (17-1). Daugherty, SG, pinned Rivera, CY, 1:38.

170 — Kehr, SG, pinned Emswiler, CY, 0:44. Narber, WY, pinned McNamee, KD, 0:46.

182 — Dickson, CY, maj. Dec. Myers, WY, 13-1. Barley, SG, dec. Green, Dt, 6-2.

195 — Shields, Dt, pinned Turner, Ne, 2:34. Cribbs, SG, pinned Allred, Sus, 1:58.

220 — Richcreek, Do, dec. Marks, Dt, 7-5. Young, SG, dec. Smith, NO, 9-4.

285 — Schell, RL, dec. Hartman, NO, 5-3. Yinger, Ne, pinned Wolfgram, CY, 2:50.


106 — Rohrbaugh, SG, pinned Rodriguez, 3:09.

113 — Rodriguez, Do, pinned Baker, SG, 1:28.

120 — Storm, NO, dec. Daugherty, Dt, 12-5.

126 — Bracey, KD, dec. Wilson, SW, 3-1 (SV).

132 — Pecaitis, Get, dec. Musti, CY, 8-3.

138 — Wherley, SW, pinned Ziegler, Get, 1:52.

145 — Chatterton, CY, dec. Mueller, Get, 9-2.

152 — Thomas, SW, dec. Poust, NO, 5-3.

160 — Daugherty, SG, dec. Pew, Dt, 7-6.

170 — Kehr, SG, dec. Narber, WY, 11-6.

182 — Dickson, CY, pinned Barley, SG, 1:21.

195 — Shields, Dt, pinned Cribbs, SG, 1:48.

220 — Young, SG, dec. Richcreek, Do, 7-5.

285 — Yinger, Ne, def. Schell, RL, injury default.

Consolation Quarterfinals

106 — Knight, YS, dec. Brotherton, NO, 1-0. Grim, Dt, pinned Evans, Get, 0:35.

113 — Bratton, RL, pinned Younkin, Sus, 0:28. Richley, NO, dec. Morgan, CY, 10-6.

120 — Shelton, YS, pinned Elliot, YCT, 0:57. Jackson, SG, dec. Pham, CY, 6-0.

126 — Young, Get, pinned Hirneisen, WY, 0:54. McQuaide, CY, dec. Romanoff, NO, 10-6.

132 — Knaub, YS, maj. Dec. Shane, RL, 13-2. Hinson, SG, maj. Dec. Rudisill, NO, 10-2.

138 — Younkin, Sus, dec. Bloom, YS, 6-4. Poust, NO, dec. Ness, RL, 2-1.

145 — Rose, KD, dec. Lehman, Do, 6-0. Sterner, WY, pinned Hyman, Dt, 1:45.

152 — Romjue, Sus, dec. Jones, Dt, 4-2. Clawson, CY, maj. Dec. Staub, Ne, 14-0.

160 — Paul, Get, dec. Apgar, Sus, 2-1. Mitzel, Ne, dec. Osborne, SW, 9-2.

170 — Martinez, Do, dec. Conrad, RL, 5-4. Mays, Sus, pinned Mummert, SW, 2:24.

182 — Stremmel, SW, dec. Rudisill, NO, 8-6. Brockett, Get, pinned Doutrick, Ne, 2:33.

195 — Aumen, SW, pinned Vasquez, CY, 3:37. Miller, RL, pinned Cross, Get, 1:37.

220 — Johnson, YS, dec. Myers, Sus, 6-5. Gaffney, CY, pinned Reyes, RL, 2:32.

285 — Wagaman, Do, pinned Harkins, KD, 1:43. Lawson, SG, pinned Senft, Sus, 5:29.

Consolation Semifinals

106 — Davis, KD, maj. Dec. Knight, YS, 11-0. Paluch, CY, pinned Grim, Dt, 2:31.

113 — Miller, KD, dec. Bratton, RL, 9-7. Richley, NO, dec. Leib, 6-3.

120 — Mowery, SW, maj. Dec. Shelton, YS, 10-2. Jackson, SG, dec. Holloway, SG, 1-0.

126 — Meyer, SG, pinned Young, Get, 0:50. Daugherty, RL, maj. Dec. McQuaide, CY, 16-4.

132 — Barnett, KD, maj. Dec. Knaub, YS, 9-1. Smith, SW, dec. Hinson, SG, 4-2.

138 — Rose, KD, dec. Younkin, Sus, 8-2. Musti, CY, dec. Poust, NO, 7-3.

145 — Shepard, SW, dec. Rose, KD, 9-6. T. Sterner, SG, dec. S. Sterner, WY, 6-5.

152 — Gurreri, RL, dec. Romjue, Sus, 7-3. Clawson, CY, dec. Baker, SG, 8-1.

160 — Rivera, CY, dec. Paul, Get, 7-2. Gardner, WY, dec. Mitzel, Ne, 3-1.

170 — McNamee, KD, pinned Martinez, Do, 1:20. Emswiler, CY, maj. Dec. Mays, Sus, 15-6.

182 — Green, Dt, maj. Dec. Stremmel, SW, 12-2. Brockett, Get, dec. Myers, WY, 11-4.

195 — Allred, Sus, pinned Aumen, SW, 2:02. Turner, Ne, dec. Miller, RL, 9-5.

220 — Smith, NO, dec. Johnson, YS, 5-2. Marks, Dt, dec. Gaffney, CY, 5-1.

285 — Wolfgram, CY, pinned Wagaman, Do, 0:50. Hartman, NO, pinned Lawson, SG, 0:43.

Third-place match

106 — Paluch, CY, dec. Davis, 5-1.

113 — Miller, KD, dec. Richley, NO, 9-4.

120 — Mowery, SW, maj. Dec. Jackson, SG, 14-5

126 — Meyer, SG, pinned Daugherty, RL, 2:52.

132 — Barnett, KD, dec. Smith, SW, 4-3.

138 — Musti, CY, dec. Rose, KD, 5-1.

145 — Shepard, SW, dec. T. Sterner, SG, 7-4.

152 — Gurreri, RL, dec. Clawson, CY, 7-1.

160 — Gardner, WY, dec. Rivera, CY, 6-4.

170 — McNamee, KD, maj. Dec. Emswiler, CY, 11-1.

182 — Green, Dt, maj. Dec. Brockett, Get, 16-2.

195 — Allred, Sus, dec. Turner, Ne, 9-2.

220 — Smith, NO, dec. Marks, Dt, 5-4.

285 — Wolfgram, CY, pinned Hartman, NO, 6:27.

Fifth-place match

106 — Grim, Dt, dec. Knight, YS, 6-0.

113 — Leib, SW, dec. Bratton, RL, 3-0.

120 — Holloway, Sus, dec. Shelton, YS, 6-1.

126 — McQuaide, CY, dec. Young, Get, 14-8.

132 — Hinson, SG, def. Knaub, YS, forfeit.

138 — Poust, NO, def. Younkin, Sus, forfeit.

145 — S. Sterner, WY, dec. Rose, KD, 5-2.

152 — Baker, SG, maj. Dec. Romjue, Sus, 13-5.

160 — Paul, Get, dec. Mitzel, Ne, 4-3.

170 — Martinez, Do, dec. Mays, Sus, 8-7.

182 — Myers, WY, pinned Stremmel, SW, 4:51.

195 — Aumen, SW, pinned Miller, RL, 1:36.

220 — Johnson, YS, dec. Gaffney, CY, 6-5.

285 — Lawson, SG, pinned Wagaman, Do, 2:27.

Team Standings: 1. Spring Grove, 231. 2. Central York, 180.5. 3. South Western, 145. 4. Dallastown, 108. 5. New Oxford, 102. 6. Gettysburg, 98.5. 7. Kennard-Dale, 96.5. 8. Dover, 85. 9. Red Lion, 79.5. 10. West York, 50.5. 11. Susquehannock, 49. 12. Northeastern, 46. 13. York Suburban, 40. 14. York County Tech, 3.

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