West York’s Erica Sarver edged Northeastern’s Lindsey Pope for the District 3 Class AA girls’ diving championship, held at Big Spring on Wednesday.

Sarver finished with a total of 415.8 points while Pope finished with 408.75 to take home the silver medal.

Another Bobcat, Lauren Williamson, finished in fifth place with a score of 280.3.

On the boys’ side of things, the lone YAIAA entrant, Jamie Kohler, finished seventh with a score of 271.85. Trinity’s Brady Buchter finished first with a total of 667.3, outdistancing second place Dillon Novak of Big Spring by just over 240 points as Novak finished with 427.15.

Class AA Diving results, at Big Spring 

1.    Brady Buchter, Trinity, 667.3 
2.    Dillon Novak, Big Spring, 427.15 
3.    Jack Still, Boiling Springs, 309.95 
4.    Matthew Watkins, Big Spring, 288.85 
5.    Riley Spahr, Trinity, 286.95 
6.    Zach Sowa, Trinity, 278.2 
7.    Jamie Kohler, Dover, 271.85 
8.    Jack Pallis, Boiling Springs, 248.75 
1.    Erica Sarver, West York, 415.8 
2.    Lindsey Pope, Northeastern, 408.75 
3.    Shannon McCabe, Big Spring, 346.1 
4.    Erica Kenski, Trinity, 317.4
5.    Lauren Williamson, Northeastern, 280.3 
6.    Diamond Boyer, Schuylkill Valley, 219.45 
7.    Emily Kirk, Boiling Springs, 203.6 
8.    Leanne Weaver, Boiling Springs, 184.7

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