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With the teams even on paper, York Suburban swim coach Craig Brennan made a decision — by necessity — to split up his top 200-yard freestyle relay combinations when hosting Red Lion on Thursday.

While that move paid huge dividends, it didn’t decide the boys’ YAIAA crossover meet against the Lions.

Still, it helped the Trojans take a slim lead into the final relay, the 400 free. Red Lion won that final race, but by finishing second and third, Suburban earned a tense 48-46 victory.

“That was a risk that we had no choice but to take,” Brennan said of his relay lineup. “Being out of division, we thought, 'Why not?' Let’s see if we can do it, see if it pays off, and fortunately it did.”

Brennan did the same thing to his girls’ 200 free relay squad, and that move broke open a close meet, helping the Trojan girls prevail, 58-36.

Karl Schmittle, Matt Spinello, Andrew Hassinger and Devon Lonergan won that 200 free relay in 1:38.41, with teammates Ethan Staub, Aidan Fryar, Charles Rogers and Seth Orndorff finishing only .23 behind. It gave the Trojans a 37-31 lead.

Red Lion standout Dylan North followed by taking the 100 backstroke in 55.54, and Alex Sun (1:02.66) helped the Lions cut that gap to 44-40 by winning the 100 breaststroke.

North, Jack Anderson, Jacob Lorenzen and Sun placed first in the 400 relay, but Suburban’s depth came through, taking the next two places.

“We worked on finishes a lot yesterday,” Brennan said. “I didn’t know everything where Red Lion was, but we knew some of their boys. We knew they had depth, too.

“We just tried to match up what we thought was going to be competitive as best as we could. Everybody stepped up and that’s what we were looking for.”

North and Sun earned two individual wins and were on the 400 relay for first-year Red Lion coach Kirsten Dubina, who was more than pleased after the meet.

“I did so much prep for this meet,” she said. “I was looking at times and doing research and really hoping for a win … But it was great. It was exciting and really fun for me as a first-year coach to have a meet this close this early on.”

Fryar won both the 50 and 100 free races for the Trojans.

“Our coaches were pumping us up the entire time,” he said. “That 100 was really close, and the entire time I was just thinking of doing it for the team. It came down to two points so we needed that.”

Suburban’s Carson Gross (200 and 100 free) scored a pair of victories in the girls’ competition, but Red Lion’s Devin Sevret (200 individual medley, 100 butterfly) countered that, keeping it close.

The girls’ meet was tied at 21 after the 100 fly, but after taking first and third in the 100 and 500 free races, the Trojans built a 31-27 lead. They expanded  the score to 40-28 after the 200 free relay.

Suburban clinched when Jenna Hufnagle and Cara Zortman went 1-2 in the 100 back.


York Suburban 48, Red Lion 46

at York Suburban 

200 medley relay — 1. York Suburban (Karl Schmittle, Matt Spinello, Aidan Fryar, Ethan Staub), 1:44.29. 200 free — 1. Jacob Lorenzen, RL, 1:55.10, 2. Jack Anderson, RL, 3. Devon Lonergan, YS. 200 IM — 1. Alex Sun, RL, 1:58.69, 2. Brayden Stein, RL, 3. Trent Golden, YS. 50 free — 1. Fryar, YS, 22.88, 2. Schmittle, YS, 3. Matthew Lanius, RL. 100 fly — 1. Dylan North, RL, 54.30, 2. Spinello, YS, 3. Lanius, RL. 100 free — 1. Fryar, YS, 50.87, 2. Lorenzen, RL, 3. Staub, YS. 500 free — 1. Anderson, RL, 5:22.82, 2. Lonegan, YS, 3. Golden, YS. 200 free relay — 1. York Suburban (Schmittle, Spinello, Andrew Hassinger, Lonergan), 1:38.41. 100 back — 1. North, RL, 55.54, 2. Schmittle, YS, 3. Raven Alwine-Frank, YS. 100 breast — 1. Sun, RL, 1:02.66, 2. Spinello, YS, 3. Stein, RL. 400 free relay — 1. Red Lion (North, Anderson, Lorenzen, Sun), 3:31.19.


York Suburban 58, Red Lion 36

200 medley relay — 1. Red Lion (Maddy Grim, Jessica Sun, Devin Sevret, Kristen Reed), 2:00.20. 200 free — 1. Carson Gross, YS, 1:56.42, 2. Sun, RL, 3. Alexis Bowen, YS. 200 IM — 1. Sevret, RL, 2:26.30, 2. Keelie Walker, YS, 3. Maddy Abel, YS. 50 free — 1. Madie Devaney, YS, 26.68, 2. Grim, RL, 3. Jenna Hufnagle, YS. 100 fly — 1. Sevret, RL, 1:05.67, 2. Cara Zortman, YS, 3. Olivia Moore, RL. 100 free — 1. Gross, YS, 54.29, 2. Grim, RL, 3. Bowen, YS. 500 free — 1. Havannah Suarez, YS, 5:47.17, 2. Emma Rinchart, RL, 3. Rachel Stein, YS. 200 free relay — 1. York Suburban (Walker, Gross, Abel, Bowen), 1:48.36. 100 back — 1. Hufnagle, YS, 1:05.81, 2. Cara Zortman, YS, 3. Emma Rinehart, RL. 100 breast — 1. Sun, RL, 1:10.72, 2. Walker, YS, 3. Hunt, YS. 400 free relay — 1. York Suburban (Suarez, Gross, Zortman, Hufnagle), 3:54.97.

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