With the 2016 spring sports season underway, we asked five York-Adams athletes their opinions on a few hot topics ranging from biggest rivalries in the YAIAA to their most embarrassing sports moments. Check it out:

Who is one famous athlete you'd like to meet? 

Colby Shimmel, Eastern York baseball: Derek Jeter because he's a guy who played hard every single day and had the ability to win no matter his circumstance.

Tessa Ruppert, Bermudian Springs Track and Field: It would have to be Hope Solo. Ever since I was little I just looked up to her not only with soccer but just everything. She didn't have the best life growing up and she isn't perfect but in my eyes she is an inspiration who fights for what she wants. She isn't afraid to play/compete with the boys.

Peyton Ranck, Dallastown volleyball: Dustin Watten, the U.S. National team's libero, because like me, he was once really awful at volleyball and he had to work to overcome the odds that were against him. I would like to know how he worked his way to being one of the top players in the world.

Katon Yantek, Central York boys' lacrosse: Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver). I love his work ethic and personality.

Taylor Forrester, Dallastown track and field: I would love to meet Lolo Jones. That might sound cliché coming from a hurdler, but I think she is incredibly inspiring because she has fought through so much adversity to get to where she is.

What would you say is your most embarrassing sports moment?

Shimmel: Tripping over my feet while making a throw across the field.

Ruppert: My most embarrassing track moment would have to be that I have to wait for the gun to go off to run for my jumps because it scares me so much that I jump. I'm such a baby. My most embarrassing sports moment would hands down be playing powder puff football and tearing my ACL. It's not a good story, I wish I would have been doing something worth a better story. You know, something cool.

Ranck: Last night against Northeastern I went to hit an overpass and blasted it into the middle of the net. I turned and saw Chris Lee (Northeastern) dying laughing at me.

Yantek: One time freshman year I tripped and fell when we were running out of the tunnel before a game.

Forrester: As a hurdler, there are so many embarrassing falls to choose from and scars to prove it. The worst was this past summer at a track camp. I was doing high speed hurdle drills, I hit a weighted hurdle and fell. Then I slid on my face for about five meters, taking half the skin off of my nose and forehead and blowing out my sneaker in the process. Oh yeah, the face plant was also in front of five college coaches.

Other than your own homefield/court, where is your favorite place to play?

Shimmel: Spring Grove.

Ruppert: Another place I would run at would probably be Gettysburg or Camp Hill because they have nice facilities and they would have good competition to improve myself with.

Ranck: My favorite place to play in the league is Central York.

Yantek: Probably Susquehannock. I like their turf.

Forrester: Besides Dallastown, I would have to say Central York is my favorite place to run track because it's a newer facility and I usually do pretty well when I'm competing there.

Who’s your team’s biggest rival?

Shimmel: Gettysburg.

Ruppert: I wouldn't say we have any rivals anymore. We all get along. I know Delone, Camp Hill and Gettysburg are going to be giving us good competition.

Ranck: Definitely Red Lion, partially because of our history and the other part being that we will be playing against friends who we played with all club season.

Yantek: Typically West York or Dallastown because it's extremely competitive every time. These games also draw a big crowd.

Forrester: Across the board Red Lion is Dallastown's backyard rival in every sport and that is definitely true for track and field as well. However, the competition between South Western and Dallastown is tough year after year.

Lastly, what's one game or matchup you're most looking forward to this season?

Shimmel: Gettysburg.

Ruppert: I'm looking forward to our Camp Hill meet just because I think there is going to be a lot of good competition.

Ranck: The York Suburban white out game at Suburban.

Yantek: We're trying to take it one game at a time, but I'm excited for the Red Lion game.

Forrester: I'm really looking forward to this year's District 3 championships. I have some specific times I'd like to hit there.

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