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Dover opposites admire swimming specialities

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Dover swimmers Lindsay Brenneman and Grace Beierschmitt look at each other with wonder.

Brenneman a talented distance swimmer, can’t figure how her teammate can go fast in bursts, such as the 50- and 100-yard freestyles.

“I look at her and I think how does one even do that?” Brenneman said. “When I sprint, I literally look like a chicken or a beginner because I am throwing all this water around. She dives in and looks like this amazing, even Olympic, swimmer.

“When I try, I struggle and it makes me really jealous because I have to swim 20 laps and she can swim four or two.”

Naturally, the sprinter Beierschmitt thinks the same and is in awe of Brenneman’s distance swimming prowess, particularly watching the 20-lap 500 freestyle.

“I don’t know how she does it. I can only swim two laps, maybe four at a time without dying,” she said. “If I swim more than four laps I look like a dying whale. I don’t move very fast when I go long distances. I keep it short and simple.”

Having standouts in distance and sprints is great for the Eagles and coach Rich Janosky, although he does believe they may be guilty of exaggerating their perceived personal limitations.

“What’s nice is they complement each other really well and they will even step out and do the opposite events the other will do,” Janosky said. “And Lindsay can still do a pretty good sprint. Especially in the 100 free, she’s no slouch.”

The duo make a coaches’ job easier, and not just because they are fast in the water.

“They get along really well. They are good teammates,” Janosky added. “They are really mature, have great leadership skills and lead by example and that’s probably the key to anything today.”

For Brenneman, the next few weeks will be bittersweet. She knows her high school swimming career will be over, but looks forward to swimming for Kutztown University next season.

“As a senior you look back on the total four years you have been here and realize how much you have grown as a swimmer and who you have grown up with,” she said. “It will be very emotional next Thursday (at Dover’s senior night), but knowing I am going to be able to swim in college, I can basically start over.”

The sophomore Beierschmitt will miss her friend and teammate.

“She is my favorite person ever,” said Beierschmitt. “She has been there for me ever since last year. I am going to be so sad when she is gone.”

For now, both are excited for the upcoming postseason – and with good reason. After several years of competing in Class AAA, the Dover girls are down in AA.

Beierschmitt cheers at that news.

“Last year was very difficult in AAA,” she said. “This year it is going to be very interesting to see how far we can make it with these times and it’s going to be really rewarding either way.”

“I am really excited knowing I have a chance to go to states this year and actually medaling at districts and knowing I can leave my senior year with a bang,” said Brenneman, who did add the following caution.

“It’s not that AA is a lot easier because there’s still girls in there like (West York stars) Courtney Harnish and Meghan French that can kick major butt. It’s just knowing now I have a chance.”