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Friends share memories of Dover's Maddie Hill

Friends of Maddie Hill were hard-pressed to find one memory that will stand out when they think of their friend in the future. Hill, who passed away after her third bout with cancer, had meant so much to the people around her that every memory had a special place in their hearts.

“I don’t even know there’s so many,” Maxine Herman said. “There’s so many memories that you could go back to."

For Brooke May, it was a spring visit to Hill at the hospital that still stands out.

“The first thing she said to me when I walked in the door,” May explained. “She was on top of it. She was sassy as ever and said, 'Wash your hands.' … That would be a good (memory) and even text message conversations that we had. There’s so many.”

Soccer played a big part in Hill’s life. It is how Abby Patterson will remember Hill, since the two have played together since they were young.

“She loved soccer, so anytime we had practice or a game she was always the first one dressed,” Patterson said. “She was always the first one ready, the first one excited to go and play. Whenever she’d score a goal we’d always just run to each other and hug. …

“Outside of soccer just the sleepovers and family gatherings.”

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People reacted throughout Thursday to Hill’s passing on social media, sending condolences and prayers to her family as well as recounting memories of Hill.


Here's a look at some of the #FightLikeHill messages being shared on Twitter.