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All-Star Spotlight Q&A with basketball player Maddie Comly of Delone Catholic

Maddie Comly finished her Delone Catholic career in fifth place on the all-time scoring list, scoring 638 points in her senior season to finish with 1,648 all-time. She averaged 22.78 points per game this season was one of just three Squirettes to play in all 28 games.

Her final season in black and gold ended in the District 3 playoffs after back-to-back losses, but Comly's basketball career is far from over. She'll play for Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, N.J., next season.

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What's your best sports memory from your four years at Delone?

Definitely winning the state championship for volleyball. That's something I'll never forget.

What about for basketball?

Probably scoring my 1,000th point because my grandfather and my family from Philly were able to be there. He passed away a few months after that, so it was nice for him to be there and see that.

Why did you choose FDU?

I also had an offer from Mount (St. Mary's), which is like half an hour from my house. But I knew if I went there, I'd want to come home all the time. I wanted to kind of get away from here. I can get my nursing degree in four years and still play basketball and (coach Marc Mitchell) said he'd work with my schedule and everything like that. It was an opportunity I really couldn't pass up.

So you're going to study nursing?

Yes, my sister — she's 25 — is a nurse, and I got to shadow her for one of my projects for science. I saw her being with the kids and everything, and it made me want to help people out and be a pediatric nurse.

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What other sports do you play?

I do volleyball and track and field, and I did soccer my freshman year. I did soccer and track and field at the same time, but when soccer became a varsity sport, they moved it to the fall and I chose volleyball.

Which sport is your favorite?

Definitely basketball. I always thought it would be soccer because I played soccer since I was 4 or 5, but I accomplished so many things, and it's just one of those games I just love to play.

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When did you first fall in love with basketball?

Probably when my brothers played, and my sister. We grew up with basketball. My dad coached basketball at St. Joe's, and I always wanted to play with them and seeing how much they loved it made me love it too.

Do you have any game-day superstitions?

Oh, absolutely. Everything. I eat the same meal before every game — peanut butter and fluff sandwich and a yogurt — my mom always has it ready for me. I wear the same socks, same Spandex, same sports bra, everything. I put my shoes on (in the same order) every time, lace them up the same way. I'll do my stretching always the same, we'll pray the same thing every single time. One year I even wore the same uniform to school — we have different options, but I wore the exact same uniform to school on every game day. I'm not that much anymore, but same sweatshirt, same sweat pants, everything. I'm really (superstitious).

What's your favorite road gym to play in?

Probably Dallastown because I've played there so much, in volleyball, basketball, everything. It's not too far. It's one of the only trips I don't get carsick on, so it's a good one.

You also won the girls' scholar athlete of the year award at Hanover Sports Night in February. Is there anything you're bad at?

Definitely. I'm bad at singing, I can tell you that much. My brothers hate my singing. I think I sound good, but they obviously don't.

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Rapid fire now, what's your favorite food?



I don't know. That's a tough one. I babysit a little girl and she always watches "How to Train Your Dragon," so that's probably one of my favorites. It's a children's movie, but I love it.

What about a TV show?

Probably "Criminal Minds."

Favorite sports team?

My dad is from Philly, so definitely all the Philly teams. Phillies, Eagles, Flyers.