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Full statement from Brad Livingston

The following is a statement released by former Central York football and volleyball coach Brad Livingston:

"Simply, succinctly stated — I will not be returning to coach the CYHS football team in 2016. I have been terminated effective immediately. There will not be any further comment from me regarding the school district’s decision. Suffice it to say that my departure is not voluntary. I will confirm that I had planned to continue as Central York’s head football coach next season.

"I am extremely grateful to all our current and former athletes, our extended coaching staff, and the Central York community for their support of this football program. I would also like to single out Mr. Marty Trimmer for a special thank you. I’ve always been grateful for his unwavering support and guidance throughout my coaching career. Marty’s friendship has helped me to get through this particularly difficult time. I will miss working with Marty Trimmer.

"To ALL our athletes — words can’t express the depth of my gratitude for your commitment to our football program, and to each other. Your hard work, effort, and team spirit have uplifted your teammates, your coaches and our fans each and every season. Hopefully life will treat you all well as you move through the years. I thank you for embracing the lessons that football teaches. I treasure our relationships. As Coach Ells Kissinger would have said — “Fight On”.

"To my coaching family — I don’t really know what to say to you. We are indeed a true family. During my career as a head coach I have been blessed to work with men of character; a few of who were also characters. Thank you for having both of those qualities. I’ve admired you for your dedication and commitment to our young men. I thank you for seeing them as people rather than “football players”. Your knowledge of the game is exceptional, as is your ability to teach the game. Mentoring our young men has been your forte. We have shared the joy of seeing young guys come into the program and watching them leave us as young men.

"Hopefully your coaching careers will extend beyond my own. The game and its players need each of you. You are great people and I have been fortunate to have all of you as friends. I will certainly miss the time we spent together.

"To my wife and children — I owe you an apology for the time we lost together as a family due to my chosen vocation. You have my gratitude for allowing me to do what makes me happy, and made life enjoyable. I owe you a debt that I can never repay.

"Only you and I know the tremendous toll that my coaching career at Central York has taken on our family. I am truly sorry for that cost. However, I thank you for letting me be myself. You have given me your unwavering support each and every day of this journey. I love you all very much.

"In conclusion, I want to thank the Central York School District for giving me the opportunity to serve our athletes and community. It’s been a wonderful 46-year love affair of service to my home school district.

"I’ll put a little twist on Mr. Trimmer’s favorite saying so it reads as follows, “It’s been great to be a Panther.” God Bless. God Speed."

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