York County Tech is on the hunt for a new head coach for its football program.

After taking over the position in July, Brian Hanson likely will not return next season to lead the Spartans. Athletic director Rob Caruso confirmed the position is open and listed internally. Like many schools in the YAIAA, York County Tech hires its coaches to year-to-year contracts and they undergo an evaluation at the end of the season.

Hanson said that after his meeting, he got the sense that he was not coming back.

“You know pretty much if you’re coming back or not in your exit interview at the end of next season,” he said. “Typically you don’t have to turn your keys in, especially when you run a strength and condition program. Between our discussions, I thought the writing was pretty much on the wall.”

Hanson has been involved with the program since 2012 when he took over as ninth-grade head football coach and later became an assistant coach under Matt Glennon.

The Spartans have had a carousel of coaches come through the program over the last several years. Hanson was their fifth coach in the last seven years, and it has been more than a decade since a football coach at York County Tech lasted longer than two seasons.

York County Tech went 2-8 during the 2015 campaign, an improvement over the 1-9 season the year before. Hanson said he felt the program was starting to move in the right direction as the season came to a close.

“I think we definitely took strides,” he said. “It wasn’t an X’s and O’s thing that I was really trying to establish. It was more of a general direction of how I wanted the program run. It was having kids being accountable. Teaching them the rights and wrongs of their decisions, and how they impact others.

“I think about the midway point of the season, I thought we took pretty good strides in that direction.”

Caruso said the school would like to find stability for its football program.

“Obviously in any place where you have a coach here for X numbers of years, it turns out to be a positive thing, and we’re always shooting for something like that,” he said.

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