Watch GameTimePA's YAIAA power rankings with the top-five boys' basketball teams from Jan. 28, 2017.


Friday night update 

The fields for the YAIAA basketball tournaments have largely been set, although there's still a smidge of uncertainty left.

Eight teams total get into each tournament. The top three teams from Division I and the top two teams from divisions II and III get automatic bids.

The eighth spot in each bracket will be filled by the third-place from divisions II or III that has the better District 3 power ranking at noon Wednesday.

So the first seven spots are set, but the final team won't be announced until Wednesday at noon.

Boys' basketball

  • Division I: Northeastern, Spring Grove and Central York are in. Note: Northeastern won the Division I title outright with its win coupled with Spring Grove's loss to Central York. 
  • Division II: Dover and Eastern York are in. 
  • Division III: York Catholic and Delone Catholic are in.
  • Wild card: Kennard-Dale and Littlestown will go down to District 3 rankings on Wednesday. 

Girls' basketball 

  • Division I: Central York, Dallastown and New Oxford are in. Note: Central York clinched the YAIAA Division I title outright with its win coupled with Dallastown's loss.
  • Division II: Susquehannock, Eastern York are in.
  • Division III: York Catholic, Delone Catholic are in.
  • Wild card: Dover and Littlestown will go down to District 3 rankings on Wednesday.

Friday's original report

Who's in, who's out of the YAIAA basketball tournaments?

That's the question going into tonight's games.

The top-three teams from Division I go to the tournament. Then the top-two teams from divisions II and III get automatic bids while a wildcard team gets in as the No. 8 seed.

We give you the rundown going into tonight's games:

Division I boys and girls pretty much set

On the boys' side of the equation, the lineup currently goes as follows: Spring Grove, Northeastern and Central York. Spring Grove will be crowned division champs tonight with a win over Central York. Northeastern will be champion with a win over New Oxford and a Spring Grove loss. If Spring Grove and Northeastern both lose, the Bobcats are the champs.

Any way you slice it, Central York will finish third.

As for the girls: Central York wins the division tonight with a win over Spring Grove. Dallastown will finish no worse than second while New Oxford is slated as the No. 3 team.

Division II is anything but set

For the boys, Dover is divisional champs. Cut and dry. But then it could get funky.

If Eastern York wins or West York loses, the Golden Knights are the No. 2 team. West York would finish second, however, with a win over Kennard-Dale tonight and an Eastern York loss.


If Kennard-Dale beats West York, the Rams are the No. 3 team in division.

As for the girls' side of the equation: Susquehannock has the division title in the bag and Eastern York has clinched second place. That's official.

Third place is a jump ball, however. Dover is currently in the driver's seat, but a West York win tonight over Kennard-Dale and a Dover loss to Eastern York would put the Bulldogs in the final slot. Stay tuned.

Familiar faces at top of YAIAA Division III

For the girls it's set: York Catholic No. 1, Delone Catholic No. 2 and Littlestown No. 3. Done deal.

On the boys' side, York Catholic has clinched the top spot. If Littlestown beats the Irish tonight, the Thunderbolts are No. 2.

If Delone Catholic wins over Bermudian Springs and Littlestown loses, then second place is the Squires' spot. If both teams lose, Delone finishes second as well.

What about tiebreakers?

That will be determined Wednesday when the District 3 power ratings come out — the third-place finisher from divisions II and III with the top power rating will get the final playoff spot.

On the boys' side, Eastern York (currently a .639 power rating), West York (.533) and Littlestown (.590) all figure to be in the mix depending on how things shake out tonight.

On the girls' side of the equation, the same can be said for Dover (.676), West York (.661) and Littlestown (.538).

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