Greencastle-Antrim manager Eric Shaner couldn't remember the last time the Blue Devils hit a home run in a game before Friday. It had to be at least three years, he thought.

So after his postgame speech to the team, he had a special reward for the player who snapped the drought.

"Myles hit the first dinger in forever so he's breaking us out today," Shaner told the team.

To a round of cheers from his teammates, Myles Gayman obliged: "Dingers on three, dingers on three. One, two, three ... dingers!"

Gayman, a highly-touted prospect and Penn State commit who has been scouted by Major League Baseball teams put on a show at Northeastern. The senior reached base four times, blasted a three-run home run to right-center field, the deepest part of the park, in the second inning and struck out six batters in three innings on the mound. He led Greencastle (1-0) to a 10-0 win over the Bobcats.

"We don't hit many home runs anymore, it's been years," Shaner said. "I would've been happy with that being a line drive or a sacrifice fly, but it carried out and that's why you barrel it up."

Gayman, whose fastball has been clocked at over 90 mph by scouts, according to Shaner, puzzled the Bobcats (3-2).

"He does a good job of expanding that zone up and that's hard to lay off," Northeastern manager Andy Srebroski said of Gayman. "He pushed the boundary a little bit and made our hitters anxious up there."

When the Bobcats finally made contact with his heater, he broke out his breaking ball.

"He throws really hard," Shaner said with a laugh. "He was having trouble planting his foot, but with his velocity you can get away with some things. His curveball is major league ready right now and he's a tough competitor. He's been here before. He won a district championship for me as a freshman."

In the other dugout, Northeastern sent their own Division-I pitcher, Kody Reeser (Towson) to the mound. But Reeser struggled with his command at times and couldn't get into a rhythm after a 30-minute lightning delay that interrupted play in the second. The Blue Devils tagged Reeser for five hits, six walks and seven runs (five earned) in four innings. The walks and unearned runs were an issue for the Bobcats, who surrendered nine walks and committed four errors.

"You have to be ready to go everyday," Srebroski said. "As a whole we weren't quite ready to go today. We had a nice win last night but that's last night and tonight's a brand new day. And we just weren't there today."

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