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GTPA Athlete of the Year Award winners crowned

The York-Adams awards ceremony will crown all 23 Players of the Year for the 2015-16 school year.

John Kuhn helped crown the Players of the Year in all 23 YAIAA sports on Thursday night when held its first Athletes of the Year Awards ceremony.

Kuhn also delivered a keynote speech and participated in a Q&A with reporters Brandon Stoneburg and Zach Miller.

You can use #GTPAawards to post your photos, videos and reaction to the event. Look for our geofilter on Snapchat to show your friends how awesome you are.

Follow updates on the action in the liveblog below, and look for a full recap of the awards winners.

The Players of the Year will be selected from the first-team all-stars, who are all pictured in the all-star team photo gallery.

Click here to see the liveblog.