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MECHANICSBURG - Cameron Tinner is kind of enjoying this wrestling tournament thing.

Saturday's District 3 Class AAA Section I Tournament in Mechanicsburg was the fifth event Tinner has wrestled in this year and he now has a nice collection of five trophies and/or medals to show for it ... and they're all gold in color.

Tinner rolled through the 220-pound weight class and was one of six Franklin County wrestlers to capture titles. As of Saturday night, 15 area wrestlers had qualified for the District 3 Championships next weekend by placing in the top three.

The other champions were Chambersburg's Spencer Runshaw (113), Garrett Kyner (138) and Drew Peck (182) - with Kyner's win holding special significance, Shippensburg's Chandler Olson (126) and Waynesboro's Shawn Robinson (285), who pulled off the upset of the tourney.

Tinner, now 29-0, won with ease in the final, taking down Cumberland Valley's Jake Black with a single, working in a half nelson and flattening him in 1:14.

"I didn't open up in my semifinal match, but I think I did in the final," Tinner said. "I have a lot of respect for CV, but I watched him wrestle in his last match and I knew I didn't want to tie up with him."

Kyner became just the second Trojan wrestler to capture four sectional titles (Jimmy Hughes completed his fourth in 2010) by handing CV's Will Kaldes a 6-1 defeat.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about winning my fourth – it’s really special," Kyner said.

Late in the first period, Kyner got in deep on a single by hitting a duck-under, then switched to a double and lifted. Kaldes tried to flip out of it, but Kyner came down on top and held him toward his back for three points and a 5-0 lead.

He said, “I figured I’d get Kaldes in the final, so I’ve been working on staying low and keeping good position. Hitting the duck-under was more muscle memory than anything, but it’s a go-to move we work on a lot and it’s good for when you’re getting pushed.”

Chambersburg coach Matt Mentzer said, "He wrestled a very, very good match, He had three or four really good shots and he hit the one, and sometimes that's all you need. I think the fourth title meant even more to him because he beat a really good kid."

Peck hardly had to sweat to take his title at 182. He had a bye in the first round, a pin in 3:19 in the semifinals and took a medical forfeit in the final when Big Spring's Blake Barrick could not go because of a shoulder injury.

"I'm sure Drew didn't want to win that way, but Big Spring didn't want to risk any more injury," Mentzer said.

Runshaw faced Waynesboro's Laken Rouzer in a battle of freshmen at 113. Runshaw nailed a four-point move in the first period that paved the way to an 8-0 major decision.

“It was a front headlock, and when I got it I just drove him backward and put him on his back,” Runshaw said. "I was nervous when we started, but when I got those four points it helped my confidence and I was able to get into my offense better.”

At 126, Olson met up with Aaron Rump of Chambersburg. The two had practiced together frequently, but had never met in a match. Olson used takedown in the second period to record a 3-1 victory.

Olson said, “I’ve wrestled him in practice, so I knew what he was like. I tried to keep the pace going and score points, but I think his plan was to try to keep it a low-scoring match.”

Ship coach Tony Yaniello said, "We expected that type of a match. Chandler kept it simple and did what he had to do to win."

Waynesboro's Robinson came in seeded No. 4 at 285 with a 10-9 record. But he shocked the crowd by handing top seed Noah Smith of Northern York (23-4) a 5-3 defeat in the semifinals, then followed it up by edging Hunter Adams of Big Spring in the final, 2-1. Robinson rode Adams out in the second 30-second tiebreaker for the win.

"The first time I tried to ride him, he was so big I couldn't get my arm around him," Robinson said. "The second time, I heard the coaches and my family yelling for me to grab his ankle, and I attacked it."

Indian coach Dan Craig said, "Shawn wrestled today the way he should have all year. He had perfect form at the perfect time."

Two other area wrestlers reached the finals. At 195, Ship's Cole Forrester fell behind Dayne Ross of CV 5-1 in the second period, then made a match of it, finally dropping a 6-5 decision. At 145, Cody Frey of Waynesboro was defeated 6-0 by Cal Reichart of CV.

Chambersburg, which was fourth in the team standings, a half-point behind Waynesboro, had three third-place fiishers (Seth Runshaw at 113, Drake Brenize at 145 and Colin Runshaw at 152), and 'Boro had two - Elliott Swink (120) and Aiden Smith (182).

Section I Class AAA

Wrestling Tournament 

Saturday's Results

Team Standings

1.Cumberland Valley (CV) 260, 2.Big Spring (BS) 153.5, 3.Waynesboro (W) 135.5, 4.Chambersburg (Ch) 135, 5.Shippensburg (S) 120.5, 6.Northern York (NY) 110, 7.Mechanicsburg (M) 86, 8.Carlisle (Car) 68, 9.West Perry (WP) 41, 10.Greencastle-Antrim (GA) 29, 11.James Buchanan (JB) N/A.


106 — Derek Pine (JB) p Brady Henry (M), 3:48; Kole Cornman (S) p Graham Shumaker (NY), 1:33. 120 — John Adams (S) p Coby Hallman (Car), 3:02. 126 — Ridgely Snyder (BS) d Dylan Neikirk (GA), 7-2. 132 — Thomas Richmond (GA) d Lakota Harnish, 5-3. 160 — Cruz Manatt (M) p Kyle Hengst (GA), 5:18. 220 — Nick Wolf (GA) p Ameer Alajlouni (BS), 2:58. 285 — Ben Wertz (WP) p Saul Chacon (Ch), 1:07.


106 — Hunter Gregoris (BS) p Pine (JB), 1:21; Seth Runshaw (Ch) md Bryce Dunkelberger (Car), 13-3; Cade Reichart (CV) md Bryan Eckenrode (GA), 12-1; Matt McCann (W) p Cornman (S), 2:47. 113 — Spencer Runshaw (Ch), bye; Terrance Quaker (WP) p Bryce Eckenrode (GA), 3:06; Laken Rouzer (W), bye. 120 — J.D. Barrick (CV) p Adams (S), 1:45; Elliott Swink (W) md Nick Tewell (M), 15-2; Josh Paisley (BS) p Tyler Trail (GA), 2:07. 126 — Chandler Olson (S) p Snyder (BS), 1:12; Ryan Neff (W) p Justus Stephens (WP), 1:34; Aaron Rump (Ch) p Cole Shumaker (NY), 0:54. 132 — Wyatt Long (CV) tf Richmond (GA), 15-0, 5:11; Paul Feite (NY) md Cole Grove (Ch), 16-2; Ian Reed (S) d Nathan Hall (WP), 1-0 TB. 138 — Garrett Kyner (Ch) p Nevin Shields (WP), 0:28; Micah Hoffman (NY) md Taylor Farlling (BS), 9-1; Brayden Wills (M) md Austin Wise (W), 14-3; Will Kaldes (CV) p Trent Mills (S), 1:00.

145 — Cody Frey (W) md Ben Ilgenfritz (BS), 13-2; Drake Brenize (Ch) d Noah Ezolt (GA), 5-1; Drevan Howard (Car) d Eddie Ocker (S), 7-5. 152 — Jonathan Ross (NY) tf Sterling Shetter (S), 15-0, 1:39; Colin Runshaw (Ch) d Nate Salinetro (WP), 5-2; Logan Huff (Car) p Jake Wertz (W), 3:08. 160 — Patrick Zimmerer (W) d Levi Shoemaker (S), 3-2; Britain SHields (BS) p Matt Strunk (Ch), 0:43. 170 — Collin Dolbin (S) d Quinten Harris (W), 2-1. 182 — Drew Peck (Ch), bye; Aiden Smith (W) p Patrick O'Brien (M), 1:05; Blake Barrick (BS) p Dylan Rotz (S), 1:14. 195 — Cole Forrester (S), bye; Eugene Rodgers (M) p Seth Carbaugh (JB), 5:49. 220 — Cameron Tinner (S) p Wolf (GA), 2:00; Muhamed Alic (Car) d Seth Egolf (W), 8-6; Akira Bastiany (M) md Phillipe Lozius (Ch), 14-0. 285 — Shawn Robinson (W) md Bryce Fisher (GA), 9-0; Nick Kubala (S) d Caden Alexander-Gray (M), 2-1.


106 — Gregoris (BS) d Seth Runshaw (Ch), 6-4; Cade Reichart (CV) p McCann (W), 1:51. 113 — Spencer Runshaw (Ch) d Russell Zimmerman (CV), 7-6; Rouzer (W) p T.Quaker (WP), 4:36. 120 — Barrick (CV) md Mitch Wagner (M), 9-1; Paisley (BS) d Swink (W), 5-1. 126 — Olson (S) tf Connor Smith (CV), 15-0, 5:16; Rump (Ch) d Neff (W), 4-3. 132 — Long (CV) d Feite (M), 10-3; Tucker Brough (BS) d Reed (S), 9-2. 138 — Kyner (Ch) d Hoffman (NY), 3-2; Kaldes (CV) d Wills (M), 7-5. 145 — Frey (W) d Brenize (Ch), 3-2; Cal Reichart (CV) tf Howard (Car), 16-0, 1:42. 152 — Ross (NY) tf Colin Runshaw (Ch), 17-1, 3:55; Belga (CV) p Huff (Car), 3:58. 160 — Quentin Milliken (CV) tf Zimmerer (W), 16-0, 3:03; Shields (BS) p Shughart (Car), 2:31. 170 — Trent Cook (CV) p Dolbin (S), 0:53; Jake Koser (NY) d Chance Rayhart (BS), 1-0. 182 — Peck (Ch) p Jake Schalles (CV), 3:19; Barrick (BS) d Smith (W), 9-3. 195 — Forrester (S) d Owen Blaschak (M), 5-2; Dayne Ross (CV) md Rodgers (M), 18-5. 220 — Tinner (S) d Alic (Car), 3-1; Jake Black (CV) d Bastiany (M), 8-5. 285 — Shawn Robinson (W) d Noah Smith (NY), 5-3; Hunter Adams (BS) p Kubala (S), 5:29.


106 — Cade Reichart (CV) d Hunter Gregoris (BS), 4-2. 113 — Spencer Runshaw (Ch) md Laken Rouzer (W), 8-0. 120 — Josh Paisley (BS) d J.D. Barrick (CV), 4-3 TB. 126 — Chandler Olson (S) d Aaron Rump (Ch), 3-1. 132 — Wyatt Long (CV) md Tucker Brough (BS), 8-0. 138 — Garrett Kyner (Ch) d Will Kaldes (CV), 6-1. 145 — Cal Reichart (CV) d Cody Frey (W), 6-0. 152 — Jonathan Ross (NY) d Felix Belga (CV), 4-2 SV. 160 — Quentin Milliken (CV) d Britain Shields (BS), 10-3. 170 — Trent Cook (CV) d Jake Koser (NY), 8-7. 182 — Drew Peck (Ch) medical forfeit over Blake Barrick (BS). 195 — Dayne Ross (CV) d Cole Forrester (S), 6-5. 220 — Cameron Tinner (S) p Jake Black (CV), 1:14. 285 — Shawn Robinson (W) d Hunter Adams (BS), 2-1 TB.


First Round 

106 — Dunkelberger (Car) p Pine (JB), 4:16; Bryan Eckenrode (GA) p Cornman (S), 3:31. 120 — Adams (S) d Rylan Zerance (WP), 6-5 SV; Tewell (M) p Trail (GA), 1:34. 132 — Grove (C) d Richmond (GA), 5-0. 138 — Wise (W) tf Mills (S), 20-3, 3:00. 145 — Ilgenfritz (BS) tf Ezolt (GA), 18-3, 4:57; Ocker (S) p Dominic Salinetro (WP), 2:56. 152 — N.Salinetro (WP) d Shetter (S), 5-3; Kyle Brobst (BS) d Wertz (W), 5-4. 160 — Shoemaker (S) p Manatt (M), 0:36; Strunk (Ch) d Austin Wonders (WP), 7-2. 170 — Harris (W) md Jon Rutkowski (M), 10-1. 182 — Patrick O'Brien (M) p Rotz (S), 1:30. 195 — Carbaugh (JB) d Christian Puchalsky (WP), 12-5. 220 — Egolf (W) p Wolf (GA), 0:23; Riley Stone (WP) d Lozius (Ch), 3-2. 285 —Fisher (GA) p Wertz (WP), 0:10.


106 — Dunkelberger (Car) p McCann (W), 1:12; Seth Runshaw (C) md Bryce Eckenrode (GA), 10-2. 113 — Zimmerman (CV) p Bryce Eckenrode (GA), 2:23. 120 — Swink (W) d Adams (S), 5-0. 126 — Drew Tochterman (M) md Neff (W), 10-0. 132 — Grove (Ch) md I.Reed (S), 15-3. 138 — Hoffman (NY) p Wise (W), 3:41. 145 — Brenize (Ch) d Ocker (S), 4-0. 152 — Colin Runshaw (Ch) d Brobst (BS), 2-1. 160 — Shughart (Car) p Shoemaker (S), 0:40; Zimmerer (W) d Strunk, 13-7. 170 — Rayhart (BS) p Harris (W), 0:29; Dolbin (S) p Atkins (Car), 2:37. 182 — Smith (W) p Jake Quaker (WP), 4:37. 195 — Carbaugh (JB) d Blaschak (M), 8-5. 220 — Bastiany (M) md Egolf, 12-2. 285 — Kubala (S) p Fisher (GA), 1:23.

For Third Place 

106 — Seth Runshaw (Ch) d Dunkelberger (Car), 11-4. 113 — Zimmerman (CV) d Serina (M), 5-1. 120 — Swink (W) d Tewell (M), 6-2. 126 — Tochterman (M) d Smith (CV), 8-3. 132 — Feite (NY) d Grove (Ch), 3-1. 138 — Wills (M) d Hoffman (NY), 4-0. 145 — Brenize (Ch) p Howard (Car), 1:30. 152 — Colin Runshaw (Ch) d N.Salinetro (WP), 1-0. 160 — Shughart (Car) p Zimmerer (W), 2:02. 170 — Rayhart (BS) md Dolbin (S), 13-3. 182 — Smith (W) p Schalles (CV), 2:12. 195 — Eugene Rodgers (M) d Seth Carbaugh (JB), 6-5. 220 — Bastiany (M) d Alic (Car), 4-2. 285 — Smith (NY) p Kubala (S), 1:38.

For Fifth Place 

106 — Bryan Eckenrode (GA) p McCann (W), 4:12. 113 — T.Quaker (WP) d Bryce Eckenrode (GA), 6-0. 120 — Wagner (NY) p Adams (S), 4:02. 126 — Neff (W) p Shumaker (NY), 4:06. 132 — Hall (WP) d Reed (S), 6-1. 138 — Farlling (BS) d Wise (W), 8-3. 145 — Ocker (S) d Ilgenfritz (BS), 7-6. 152 — Huff (Car) p Brobst (BS), 2:44. 160 — Shoemaker (S) p Strunk (C), 0:58. 170 — Harris (W) d Adkins (Car), 3-2. 182 — J.Quaker (WP) p O'Brien (M), 1:45. 195 — Blaschak (M) p Gordon (BS), 1:48. 220 — Egolf (W) p Stone (WP), 1:29. 285 — Fisher (GA) p Goodling (CV), 1:40.

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