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SWIMMING: Area boys place on first day of MPC's

NEW KINGSTOWN - On the first day of the Mid Penn Conference swimming championships, local teams fell behind early, but a few local boys made it into the top 10.

Chambersburg's Jacob Greenwood was the top area finisher, with a second-place finish in the 200 freestyle, touching the wall in 1:45.50, while his teammate Avery Barley placed sixth in the 200 IM with a 2:03.47 finish.

Sam Nonemaker from Shippensburg followed, placing seventh in the 200 IM at 2:04.92.

The Trojans lead area teams with 54 points, good enough for a ninth-place team score after the first day. Shippensburg came in at 14th with 26 points and Waynesboro rounded out the pack with three points at 19th.

The Shippensburg girls placed highest of area teams, sitting in 13th after the first day of competition with 23 points. James Buchanan was ranked 17th with two points, and Chambersburg followed with just one point for 18th place.


Team Standings

1.State College (SC) 256.5, 2.Hershey (H) 224, 3.Cumberland Valley (CV) 157.5, 4.Trinity (T) 139, 5.Central Dauphin (CD) 123, 6.Boiling Springs (Boil) 75, 7.Big Spring (BS) 74, 8.Bishop McDevitt (BM) 69, 9.Chambersburg (Ch) 54, 10.Red Land (RL) 50, 11.Palmyra (P) 41, 12.Lower Dauphin (LD) 30, 13.Susquehanna Twp. (ST) 28, 14.Shippensburg (Sh) 26, 15.Carlisle (Car) 14, 16.West Perry (WP) 13, 17.Mifflin County (MC) 13, 18.Northern (N) 5, 19.Waynesboro (W) 3.

Individual Results

200 medley relay — 1.CV (Jack Dengler, Matt Zappe, Ben Francis, Jacob Deckman)  1:36.51, 16.Ship (Caleb Eveland, Eli Zinn, Sam Nonemaker, Quinn Slattery)1:49.39, 20.JB (Austin Sheppard, Noah Shank, Nick Garbinski, Jarred Moquin) 1:52.64, 22.Ship (Hayden Rhinehart, Alvin Dalida, Evan Mowery, Alby Lear) 1:56.68, 23.Chbg (Jacob Gayman, Zach D'Antonio, Gabriel Johnson, Waylon Curtis) 1:58.37. 200 free — 1.Tobias Van Dyke (SC) 1:43.39, 2.Jacob Greenwood (Ch) 1:45.50, 15.Darek Benchoff (W) 1:53.01, 29.Lear (Sh) 2:08.81. 200 IM — 1.Deckman (CV) 1:53.03, 6.Avery Barley (Ch) 2:03.47, 7.Nonemaker (Sh) 2:04.09, 28.Noah Shank (JB) 2:02.37, 29.Kaiden Estep (Sh) 2:21.01, 32.Gabriel Johnson (Ch) 2:23.12. 50 free — 1.Chris Paynter (H) 21.62, 23.Lyle Schlegel (W) 23.23, 29.Slattery (Sh) 23.79, 32.Zinn (Sh) 24.18. 100 fly — 1.Matt Zappe (CV) 52.08, 16.Benchoff (W) 56.92, 21.Nick Garbinski (JB) 58.23, 29.Eveland (Sh) 1:00.66, 30.Schlegel (W) 100.87, 31.Connor Garvin (W) 1:02.36. 200 free relay — 1.Trinity (Alex Diaz, Andy Snyder, Lucas Haywood, Jordan Wyant) 1:28.06, 13.Chbg (Barley, Greenwood, Gayman, Waylon Curtis) 1:35.18, 18.Ship (Slattery, Zinn, Kaiden Estep, Nonemaker) 1:36.65, 24.Ship (Rhinehart, Matt Buck, Dalida, Mowery) 1:42.66, 27.Chbg (Johnson, Josh Santamria, Carlos Vera D'Antonio) 1:46.85.


Team Standings

1.Hershey (H) 357.5, 2.State College (SC) 255, 3.Palmyra (P) 133, 4.Cumberland Valley (CV) 105, 5.Carlisle (Car) 100.5, 6.Cedar Cliff (CC) 78, 7.Trinity (T) 73, 8.Central Dauphin (CD) 66, 9.Northern (N) 62, 10.Mechanicsburg (M) 41, 11.Bishop McDevitt (BM) 29, 12 Lower Dauphin (LD) 24, 13.Shippensburg (Sh) 23, 14.Susquehanna (SU) 17, 15.Boiling Springs (Boil) 15, 16.Big Spring (BS) 13, 17.James Buchanan (JB) 2, 18.Chambersburg (Ch) 1.

Individual Results

200 medley relay — 1.Her (Tomomi Nakano, Oriana Barone, Caylene Rippon, Collette Robinson) 1:47.83, 11.Ship (Courtney Lawson, Madelyn Facchinei, Teddi Powell, Rachel Morehouse) 2:00.12, 22.Ship (Jadyn Glunt, Liana Culbertson, Jordan Seymore, Skyler Ott) 2:07.43, 25.Chbg (Erin Miller, Ashlyn Browning, Tamara Quispe, Amanda Asbury) 2:15.78. 200 free — 1.Kayla Brone (CV)1:53.71, 18.Ashlyn Ellis (Ch) 2:03.96, 22.Annaleisse Hissong (JB) 2:11.47, 27.Seymore (Sh) 2:13.20. 200 IM — 1.Barone (H) 2:11.15, 16.Abbie Reichelderfer (Ch) 2:24.63, 24.Facchinei (Sh) 2:27.81, 30.Kayla Snider (JB) 2:34.95. 50 free — 1.Fiona Vashaw (SC) 24.44, 28.Megan Beam (GA) 26.79, 31.Powell (Sh) 26.97. 100 fly — 1.Caylene Rippon (H) 55.30, 15.Rachel Kimmel (JB) 1:05.24, 31.Juliana Baumgardner (W) 1:13.20. 200 free relay — 1.SC (Kate Cooper, Hannah Finton, Harly Stuyvesant, Fiona Vashaw) 1:38.65, 16.Ship (Ott, Morehouse, Lawson, Powell) 1:49.49, 20.Chbg (Ellis, Rundquist, Bria Zook, Abbie Reichelderfer) 1:50.43.