NEWVILLE The Chambersburg boys swim team had a good day in Newville on Monday, claiming first place at the Bulldog Bash Invitational thanks to five gold medal finishes.

The Trojans won the invitational on the boys side with a team score of 207.

"It was a great win for Chambersburg swimming. You can't really tell by the final score, but the meet was close the whole time," Trojan coach Chad White said. "But we climbed our way back."

Chambersburg trailed by one point going into the final event of the meet, the 400 freestyle relay. With a successful relay team in hand, the Trojans won the race by two seconds with a 3:22.83 finish, breaking the meet record, held by the Trojans from 2007.

Jacob Greenwood had individual wins in the 200 free (1:48.1) and the 500 free (4:54.85) as he continues to drop time.

White said, "His 200 free was an excellent race, and he finished about a half second off his best time ever; that's really good to see right now with all the hard training that we are doing."

Greenwood was also a part of two winning relay teams, as the Trojans took gold in the 200 and 400 free relays.

Andrew Leeper won the 50 free for Chambersburg in 22.24.8, and took part in both winning relays.

Shippensburg placed seventh on the boys side, with Waynesboro and James Buchanan taking eighth and 13th place, respectively.

For the girls, Carlisle won the invitational, dominating the score with 324 points. Chambersburg's girls placed sixth with 96 points and six top-five finishes. Shippensburg rounded out the top 10 with a ninth-place finish, while James Buchanan and Waynesboro finished 11th and 15th, respectively.

Bulldog Bash Invitational


1.Chambersburg (Chbg) 207, 2.Bishop McDevitt (BM) 186, 3.Big Spring (BS) 182, 4.(tie) Carlisle (Car), Dover (Dov) 151, 6.Gettysburg (Gett) 115, 7.Shippensburg (Ship) 102, 8.Waynesboro (Way) 32, 9.(tie) Millersburg (Mill), Jefferson (Jeff) 33, 13.James Buchanan (JB) 26.

200 medley relay — 1.BM (Jonathan Mata, Alex Pompei, Matthew Yoffe, Josiah Lauver) 1:43.04, 4.Ship (Caleb Eveland, Kaiden Estep, Sam Nonemaker, Quinn Slattery) 1:53.74, 8.Chbg (Jacob Gayman, Jack Martin, Gabriel Johnson, Zach D'Antonio) 1:59.36. 200 free — 1.Jacob Greenwood (Chbg) 1:48.1, 4.Darek Benchoff (Way) 1:54.45, 9.Nick Garbinski (JB) 2:09.14. 200 IM — 1.Jarod Anderson (BS) 2:04.37, 2.Avery Barley (Chbg) 2:04.39, 7.Gayman (Chbg) 2:21.46. 8.Matthew Buck (Ship) 2:21.54. 50 free — 1.Andrew Leeper (Chbg) 22.42, 8.Julian Chance (Chbg) 24.03. 100 fly — 1.Casey Marshall (Dov) 55.08, 3.Benchoff (Way) 58.39, 7.Gayman (Chbg) 1:01.26, 8.Lyle Schlegel (Way) 1:02.61. 100 free — 1.Devon Chenot (WP) 49.79, 3.Leeper (Chbg) 50.67, 4.Nonemaker (Ship) 50.93, 5.Chance (Chbg) 51.97. 500 free — 1.Greenwood (Chbg) 4:54.85, 7.Waylon Curtis (Chbg) 5:46.89, 9.Gabriel Johnson (Chbg) 5:52.99. 200 free relay — 1.Chbg (Barley, Leeper, Greenwood, Chance) 1:31.95, 8.Ship (Eli Zinn, Hayden Rhinehart, Evan Mowery, Eveland) 1:43.31. 100 back — 1.Jonathan Mata (BM) 55.43, 3.Barley (Chbg) 58.08, 4.Nonemaker (Ship) 59.99, 6.Eveland (Ship) 1:03.74. 100 breast — 1.Anderson (BS) 1:02.15, 9.Noah Shank (JB) 1:10.87. 400 free relay — 1.Chbg (Barley, Leeper, Greenwood, Chance) 3:22.83, 5.Ship (Slattery, Estep, Zinn, Nonemaker) 3:37.37, 9.Ship (Waylon Curtis, Gabriel Johnson, Martin, Gayman) 3:52.11.


1.Carlisle 324, 2.B.McDevitt 151, 3.Dover 135.5, 4.Big Spring 106, 5.St. Maria Goretti 98, 6.Chambersburg 96, 7.Susquehanna Twp. (ST) 89, 8.Jefferson 60, 9.Shippensburg 46, 10.Gettysburg 38, 11.James Buchanan 36, 15.Waynesboro 15.

200 medley relay — 1.Car (Maddison Young, Meg Lebo, Elizabeth Young, Grace Lippert) 1:59.53. 7.Chbg (Erika Rundquist, Abbie Reichelderfer, Ashlyn Ellis, Bria Zook) 2:07.22. 200 free — 1.Meg Tate (Car) 2:01,75, 5. Michaela Piper (Way) 2:15.56, 9.Jordan Seymore (Ship) 2:21.94. 200 IM — 1.Caroline Dudenhoeffer (Dov) 2:19.17, 5.Ellis (Chbg) 2:27.03, 7.Reichelderfer. 50 free — 1.Tirza Rentovich (ST) 25.68. 100 fly — 1.Taylor Howery (Gett) 1:06.64, 5.Rundquist (Chbg) 1:08.8, 9.Kayla Snider (JB) 1:09.69. 100 free — 1.Tate (Car) 56.35, 9.Piper (Way) 1:00.50. 500 free — 1.Annabelle McCullough (Car) 5:32.59, 4.Ellis (Chbg) 5:53.25, 5.Reichelderfer (Chbg) 5:5917, 7.Annaleisse Hissong (JB) 6:10.13. 200 free relay — 1.Car (Kaleigh Feger, Elizabeth Young, Meg Tate, Ellie Tate) 1:45.75. 100 back — 1.Katie Manning (SMG) 1:05.17, 4.Rundquist (Chbg) 1:06.62. 100 breast — 1.Dudenhoeffer (Dov) 1:10.45, 5.Madelyn Facchinei (Ship) 1:17.06. 400 free relay — 1.SMG (Sarah Funk, Briana Whelan, Katie Manning, Hannah Manning) 4:00.64, 4.Chbg (Rundquist, Kandace Loup, Amanda Shoemaker, Sarah Thompson) 4:11.75, 6.JB (Snider, Gretta Kriner, Amanda Montgomery, Hissong) 4:18.42, 7.Ship (Teddi Powell, Facchinei, Skyler Ott, Jordan Seymore) 4:18.65.

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