NEW KINGSTOWN - It was a rough Tuesday for Chambersburg’s swimming teams, which managed only three total victories in a Mid Penn Commonwealth Division sweep at the hands of Cumberland Valley.

The boys were defeated 119-61, while the girls lost 142-41.

“We had a good many season-best times on the girls side, but we didn’t win a whole lot of events overall,” Trojan coach Chad White said.

Ashlyn Ellis was the only victor for the Lady Trojans (1-3, 0-2 MPC). She earned a victory in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:08.79.

The boys (2-2, 0-2 MPC) did only slightly better, finishing with a pair of wins. Nick Cover racked up 257.85 points for the win in the diving event, and Jacob Greenwood won the 200 free in 1:50.77.

Diving coach Ryan Crider said, "His strongest dive of the night was a back 1 1/2 somersault with a 1 1/2 twist. He got 50 points on that one."

“The highlight of the meet was definitely the 400 freestyle relay,” White said. “Throughout the entire meet, we seemed a little tired overall and not putting up as fast of times as we did last week. But the 400 relay really came together and put up a time that was a season best by five seconds.”

In the 400 relay, Avery Barley, Andrew Leeper, Greenwood and Julian Chance captured second in 3:21.23.



Cumberland Valley 119, Chambersburg 61  

at  New Kingstown

200 medley relay1.CV (Jack Dengler, Matt Zappe, NingNing Liu, Pierce Sweeney) 1:42.68, 2.Chbg (Avery Barley, Jack Martin, Julian Chance, Andrew Leeper) 1:45.20.200 free1.Jacob Greenwood (Chbg) 1:50.77. 200 IM — 1.Ben Francis (CV) 2:00.22, 3.Jacob Gayman (Chbg) 2:17.30.50 free1.Jacob Deckman (CV) 21.73, 2.Leeper (Chbg) 22.12.Diving 1.Nick Cover (Chbg) 257.85. 100 fly1.Zappe (CV) 53.43, 3.Barley (Chbg) 56.69.100 free1.Ben Francis (CV) 49.49, 2.Leeper (Chbg) 50.08, 3.Chance (CV) 51.58.500 free1.Jacob Deckman (CV) 4:41.35, 2.Greenwood (Chbg) 4:55.13.200 free relay1.CV (Deckman, Zappe, Sweeney, Francis) 1:32.97, 3.Chbg (Gayman, Martin, Waylon Curtis, Greenwood) 1:42.82.100 back1.Jack Dengler (CV) 56.70, 2.Barley (Chbg) 58.16, 3.Chance (Chbg) 1:02.74.100 breast1.Zappe (CV) 1:00.94.400 free relay1.CV (Liu, Francis, Dengler, Deckman) 3:17.58, 2.Chbg (Barley, Leeper, Greenwood, Chance) 3:21.23.


Cumberland Valley 142, Chambersburg 41  

200 medley relay1.CV (Lindsay Berra, Shannon Maher, Kaleigh O’Connor, Cassie Sekerak) 2:00.82, 2.Chbg (Erika Rundquist, Abbie Reichelderfer, Ashlyn Ellis, Bria Zook) 2:06.17.200 free1.Ellis (Chbg) 2:08.79. 200 IM 1.Kayla Barone (CV) 2:15.47, 3.Rundquist (Chbg) 2:29.06.50 free1.Sekerak (CV) 25.95, 3.Ellis (Chbg) 27.75.Diving 1.Payton Perry (CV) 186.95.100 fly1.O’Connor (CV) 1:08.9. 100 free1.Barone (CV) 55.69. 500 free1.MK Jones (CV) 5:29.27.200 free relay 1.CV (Sekerak, Abbi Brown, Carolyn Bolden, Barone) 1:50.36.100 back1.Lindsay Berra (CV) 1:07.72.100 breast1.Maher (CV) 1:14.78, 3.Abbie Reichelderfer (Chbg) 1:17.45.400 free relay1.CV (Maher, Berra, Bolden, Barone) 4:06.74, 3.Chbg (Kandace Loup, Bria Zook, Tamara Quispe, Reichelderfer) 4:30.62.

Shippensburg sweeps JB >> Shippensburg proved to have too much depth for James Buchanan and the Greyhounds swept a Mid Penn Colonial Division swimming meet Tuesday.

The Ship boys (2-4, 1-1 MPC) took a 124-50 win, while the girls (3-3, 1-1 MPC) were 111-68 winners.

Quinn Slattery (50, 100 freestyle) and Sam Nonemaker (100 backstroke, 100 butterfly) were double winners for the Hounds. For the Rockets, Austin Sheppard won the 200 free and Nick Garbinski captured the 500 free.

In the girls meet, Madelyn Facchinei captured a pair of wins for Shippensburg, the 200 IM and 100 breaststroke. For JB, Rachel Kimmel took the 200 freestyle and 100 fly.

The 100 free was the closest race of the night, with the Rockets’ Kayla Snider winning in 1:01.17, Ship’s Teddi Powell right behind in 1:01.19 and teammate Rachel Morehouse third in 1:01.98.



Shippensburg 124, James Buchanan 50  

at  Shippensburg

200 medley relay 1.Ship (Caleb Eveland, Kaiden Estep, Sam Nonemaker, Quinn Slattery) 1:52.68, 2.JB (Austin Sheppard, Noah Shank, Nick Garbinski, Rylan Jones) 1:57.01.200 free1.Sheppard (JB) 2:07.83, 2.Evan Mowery (S) 2:12.96, 3.Alby Lear (S) 2:16.73. 200 IM1.Eveland (S) 2:21.1, 2.Matthew Buck (S) 2:21.17, 3.Shank (JB) 2:24.88.50 free 1.Slattery (S) 24.68, 2.Eli Zinn (S) 24.81, 3.Jones (JB) 25.35.Diving 1.Alic Sites (S) 128.25.100 fly1.Nonemaker (S) 59.56, 2.Eveland (S) 1:03.94, 3.Shank (JB) 1:04.98.100 free1.Slattery (S) 55.38, 2.Estep (S) 56.48, 3.Zinn (S) 57.1.500 free1.Garbinski (JB) 5:38.79, 2.Lear (S) 6:04.91, 3.Mowery (S) 6:13.08. 200 free relay 1.Ship (Zinn, Hayden Rhinehart, Eveland, Lear) 1:42.39, 2.Ship (Bailey Renfrew, Joseph Facchinei, Reuben Giles, Mowery) 1:58.14.100 back1.Nonemaker (S) 1:00.51, 2.Sheppard (JB) 1:07.54, 3.Rhinehart (S) 1:12.23. 100 breast 1.Estep (S) 1:09.87, 2.Garbinski (JB) 1:12.62, 3.Buck (S) 1:16.92. 400 free relay — 1.Ship (Nonemaker, Slattery, Estep, Zinn) 3:40.56, 2.JB (Garbinski, Jones, Shank, Sheppard) 3:52.95.


Shippensburg 111, James Buchanan 68  

200 medley relay 1.Ship (Jordan Seymore, Madelyn Facchinei, Teddi Powell, Rachel Morehouse) 2:08.46, 2.JB (Kayla Snider, Rachel Kimmel, Amanda Montgomery, Annaleisse Hissong) 2:08.68.200 free 1.Kimmel (JB) 2:17.16, 2.Seymore (S) 2:21.76, 3.Jadyn Glunt (S) 2:24.37.200 IM1.Facchinei (S) 2:28.8, 2.K.Snider (JB) 2:35.9, 3.Hissong (JB) 2:37.25.50 free1.Morehouse (S) 27.55, 2.Powell (S) 27.64, 3.Montgomery (JB) 30.52.Diving 1.MacKenzie Durf (S) 223.55, 2.Skyler Ott (S) 93.6.100 fly1.Kimmel (JB) 1:10.5, 2.Gretta Kriner (JB) 1:13.83, 3.Montgomery (JB) 1:20.61. 100 free 1.K.Snider (JB) 1:01.17, 2.Powell (S) 1:01.19, 3.Morehouse (S) 1:01.98. 500 free 1.Kriner (JB) 6:41.25, 2.MaKenna Snider (JB) 6:47.59, 3.Cassidy Funk (S) 6:54.9.200 free relay 1.Ship (Powell, Facchinei, Ott, Morehouse) 1:52.04, 2.Ship (Nicole Weaver, Bonnie Gao, Erin Lee, Evelyn Ziemkiewicz) 2:09.23. 100 back1.Glunt (S) 1:12.42, 2.Courtney Lawson (S) 1:12.55, 3.Seymore (S) 1:13.21. 100 breast1.Facchinei (S) 1:16.07, 2.Liana Culbertson (S) 1:22.73, 3.Weaver (S) 1:32.56.400 free relay1.JB (Hissong, Kimmel, K.Snider, Montgomery) 4:15.04, 2.Ship (Ott, Weaver, Glunt, Seymore) 4:35.23.

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