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SHIPPENSBURG - The Chambersburg boys swim team came out strong against Shippensburg on Thursday, winning every event in a non-league meet with the Greyhounds.

Chambersburg's boys (2-1) went home with a 106-74 victory over Ship (1-3), while the Trojan girls (1-2) fell to the Lady Hounds (1-3) in a 105-78 decision.

"This meet always seems like it's very exciting," Chambersburg coach Chad White said. "Even though we are not the same classifications, we definitely have a rivalry going on."

Chambersburg's Nick Cover broke a 16-year-old team record in the six-dive event. The record was originally set in Jan. 1999 by Dustin Boone with a score of 308.55. Thursday, Cover scored 309.60.

"He came back right where he left off last year," Chambersburg diving coach Ryan Crider said. "It was an exciting night for him."

Cover's final dive was a forward one-and-a-half somersault with one twist, in which he scored straight nines.

Shippensburg diver MacKenzie Durf also broke a record Thursday, but this time, it was her own.

She crushed her former record of 251.15 by successfully executing her forward two somersault dive to push her to a final score of  275.75.

"She's a tremendous athlete and she's been working to break her own record," Shippensburg coach Jeff Kaminski said. "She wanted it so badly and went out and got it. Her forward two somersault was one that kept her away from breaking that record on Tuesday, and it really changed the landscape of her performance."

For the Chambersburg boys, three swimmers were double winners, with Jacob Greenwood, Julian Chance, Andrew Leeper and Avery Barley earning two first-place finishes each. Greenwood and Barley are both freshman who have emerged as top competitors for the Trojans. Greenwood took first in the 200 freestyle (1:49.78) and the 500 free (4:53.84), while Barley finished first in the 100 breaststroke (1:06.11) and the 100 fly (56.56).

"Our freshman boys are doing amazing things," White said. "They definitely add a lot of depth to the team and they are already putting up times that would qualify for districts."

Chance placed first in the 200 IM (2:16.26) and the 100 backstroke (1:02.91), while Leeper won the 100 free (49.57) and the 50 free (22.73).

For the girls, Chambersburg's Ashlyn Ellis and Erika Rundquist were double winners. Ellis took first in the 50 free (27.51) and the 100 free (59.30), while Rundquist took first in the 100 backstroke (1:08.67) and the 100 fly (1:07.54).

The Trojan girls won seven events, but it was not enough to match Shippensburg.

The Lady Hounds' Teddi Powell won the 200 free (2:15.96) and the 500 free (5:58.64).

"The score did not really show the effort that was put into it," White said. "Shippensburg has a lot of depth and we couldn't handle that."


Chambersburg 106, Shippensburg 74 

at Shippensburg Aquatic Club

200 medley relay — 1.Chbg (Avery Barley, Jack Martin, Jacob Gayman, Andrew Leeper)1:45.35. 200 free — 1. Jacob Greenwood (C) 1:49.78, 2.Sam Nonemaker (S) 1:52.63, 3.Waylon Curtis (C) 2:12.15. 200 IM — 1.Julian Chance (C) 2:16, 2.Gayman (C) 2:16.64, 3.Matthew Buck (S) 2:22.18. 50 free — 1.Andrew Leeper (C) 22.73, 2.Quinn Slattery (S) 23.93, 3.Eli Zinn (S) 24.81. Diving — 1.Nick Cover (C) 309.60, 2.Alic Sites (S) 171.45. 100 fly — 1.Barley (C) 56.56, 2.Gayman (C) 1:00.58, 3.Caleb Eveland (S) 1:02.47. 100 free — 1.Leeper (C) 49.57, 2.Slattery (S) 54.73, 3.Zinn (S) 56.47. 500 free — 1.Greenwood (C) 4:53.84, 2.Nonemaker (S) 5:14.27, 3.Waylon Curtis (C) 5:55.58. 200 free relay — 1.Chbg (Julian Chance, Jack Martin, Greenwood, Barley) 1:35.28. 100 back — 1.Chance (C) 1:02.91, 2.Eveland (S) 1.04.19, 3.Gabriel Johnson (C) 1:10.28. 100 breast — 1.Barley (C) 1:06.11, 2.Kaiden Estep (S) 1:11.40, 3.Martin (C) 1:12.00. 400 free relay — 1.Chbg (Greenwood, Gayman, Chance, Leeper) 3:30.65.


Shippensburg 105, Chambersburg 78 

200 medley relay — 1.Ship (Courtney Lawson, Madelyn Facchinei, Teddi Powell, Rachel Morehouse) 2:08.23. 200 free — 1.Powell (S) 2:15.96, 2.Morehouse (S) 2:21.01, 3.Kandace Loup (C) 2:24.62. 200 IM — 1.Abbie Reichelderfer (C) 2:26.08, 2.Facchinei (S) 2:30.54, 3.Jordan Seymore (S) 2:45.27. 50 free — 1.Ashlyn Ellis (C) 27.51, 2.Skyler Ott (S) 29.00, 3.Lawson (S) 29.63. Diving — 1.MacKenzie Durf (S) 275.75, 2.Ott (S) 136.55, 3.Calista Myers (C) 126.30. 100 fly — 1.Erika Rundquist (C) 1:07.54, 2.Seymore (S) 1:19.41, 3.Erin Miller (C) 1:20.30. 100 free — 1.Ellis (C) 59.30, 2.Morehouse (S) 1:01.97, 3.Jadyn Glunt (S) 1:06.04. 500 free — 1.Powell (S) 5:58.64, 2.Loup (C) 6:29.31, 3.Bria Zook (C) 6:38.53. 200 free relay — 1.Chbg (Reichelderfer, Rundquist, Zook, Ellis) 1:52.74. 100 back — 1.Rundquist (C) 1:08.67, 2.Lawson (S) 1:13.24, 3.Glunt (S) 1:13.31. 100 breast — 1.Facchinei (S) 1:15.86, 2.Reichelderfer (C) 1:17.80, 3.Liana Culbertson (S) 1:23.75. 400 free relay — 1.Chbg (Rundquist, Loup, Reichelderfer, Ellis) 4:12.84.

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