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Shalom Christian racks up MDCC first-team accolades

After putting both its girls volleyball and its boys soccer team in the conference championships, Shalom Christian Academy was awarded with four Mason-Dixon Christian Conference first-team all-star selections.

The boys earned three first-team nods, while the girls volleyball team had one. Cumberland Valley Christian's boys soccer team also earned one spot on the first team.

Jonah Stains, Chase Martin and Peter Livermore were all named first-teamers, while Haley Bricker was recognized on the top girls volleyball team. For CVC, Kenneth Hott was the lone Blazer named to the first team.

Second-teamers for the CVC boys soccer team were Sterling Bard and Eli Black, and for girls volleyball, Brianna Miley and Mackenzie Householder both managed spots on second team.

For Shalom, Lauren Stains and Bethany Blank were both on second team, as was Travis West on the boys soccer side.

Mason-Dixon Christian Conference

Boys Soccer All-Stars

Player of the Year: Palmi Thorsson, Broadfording

First Team

Shalom Christian: Jonah Stains, Peter Livermore, Chase Martin; Cumberland Valley Christian: Kenneth Hott; Shenandoah Valley Christian: Ian Frommack, Matt Steele, Stephe Goldbranson; Faith Christian: Shaw Brown; Grace Academy: Ben Quirple; Broadfording: Brian An.

Second Team

Shalom Christian: Travis West; Cumberland Valley Christian: Sterling Bard, Eli Black; Faith Christian: Tommy Peifer, Will Smoot; Grace Academy: Mark Koontz, Max Geppert; Broadfording: Alex Song, Daniel Durst; Calvary Christian: Levi Demers, Dillan Orendorf.

Girls Volleyball All-Stars

Player of the Year: Chloe Prejean, Heritage Academy

First Team

Shalom Christian: Haley Bricker; Heritage: Mikayla Hoy, Leanna Shank; Shenandoah Valley Christian: Hannah Berger; Grace Academy: Hannah Colvin, Grace Fogle.

Second Team

Shalom Christian: Lauren Stains, Bethany Blank; Cumberland Valley Christian: Brianna Miley, Mackenzie Householder; Faith Christian: Belle Brown; Grace Academy: Katie Morgan; Calvary Christian: Brooke Ricker.