Chambersburg softball uses its small ball game to take down Mifflin County, 3-1


Holding onto a one-run lead Tuesday afternoon, Chambersburg's softball team needed to get something going.

So Trojan coach Chris Skultety called for a risk. With courtesy runner Tierra Kauffman on third and Maggie Myers up to bat with only one out, Skultety made the decision to try something the Trojans hadn't done for quite awhile.

"The funny thing is, we actually forgot what the suicide squeeze call was, so I put the bunt and the run sign out at the same time," Skultety said. "We haven't used the suicide squeeze since the first practice when we were deciding our signs."

It certainly threw Mifflin County for a loop, as Kauffman snuck in under the tag, giving Chambersburg a 3-1 lead it held onto for the rest of the game.

"That was really key, and I definitely think that won the game for us," Chambersburg pitcher Laken Myers said. "It gave me more confidence when I went out on the mound, and I just felt better after that."

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Skultety said, "Maggie Myers has been kind of struggling, but her bat control is awesome. We had to manufacture something; I don't know what's going on with our bats, but sometimes when you're struggling, you gotta put some pressure on them."

Neither team hit the ball all that well. Both the Trojans (10-1, 8-1 MPC) and the Huskies (8-3, 6-3 MPC) managed just six hits, due to the strong arms of Myers and Mifflin County ace Hannah Ruby.

"There was good pitching tonight, but in previous games, we've shown that we're able to knock those runs in when we need to," Mifflin County coach Jack McCurdy said. "Today, everyone knows the situation (in the division), and it's hard for those kids to get that out of their minds sometimes."

The only run of the day for the Huskies was scored on an RBI single from Darcy Wilson, who went 2-for-3, while Leah Hunt had the other two RBIs for Chambersburg with a double in the first inning and a single in the third.

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