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Brady Beckner puts up 'video game numbers'

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What's most incredible about Brady Beckner's senior season isn't his total rushing yards, or his number of touchdowns, or the fact he led the Waynesboro football team to its first-ever District 3 playoff berth.

What's truly most impressive about Beckner is this one simple number: Eleven.

That's how many yards on average Beckner gains per carry. He is literally averaging a first down.

"His average is unbelievable," Myers said. "Even at the high school level, that's insane. I mean, that's video game-type numbers. You can't say enough about him."

But how does he do it?

Well, Beckner is quick to place the credit somewhere else.

"(The offensive line) has made some key blocks at the line of scrimmage and downfield," Beckner said. "Whenever I'm not having a good game, they take it out on themselves. They definitely do one heck of a job blocking for me."

After the graduation of 1,000-yard rusher Jake Wertz last year, Beckner said he was happy to fill those shoes. This is exactly where he's always wanted to be.

"It's a goal that I've always had since I was a little kid; it's always been in my mind to get into high school and rush for 1,000 yards," Beckner said. "When I was growing up, Johnnie Adgers (who had two 1,000-yard rushing seasons for 'Boro), he was definitely one of my mentors. I definitely looked up to that guy, and I always thought 'I want to be like that.'"

Another big factor in Beckner's success has been his partners in crime, fellow running backs Mason Frampton and Forrest Rhyne.

Rhyne has gained 325 yards on 59 carries, while Frampton has added 289 yards on 46 carries.

"Most teams don't imply three running backs, but it's been great because we all have different talents," Rhyne said. "We all have different abilities, and we all complement each other very well. Mason does his thing, I do the middle thing, and Brady does all the things."

Myers said, "There are games where defenses have tried to take him away, and he's gotta be the decoy, and he's fine with that. He's a very unselfish player. He wants the ball and wants to have it, but if they're doing everything they can to take him away, we'll find it some other way."

With an already-incredible season under his belt, Beckner is still chasing down one more milestone. He currently sits at 1,394 (on a mere 127 carries), putting him just over 100 yards from 1,500.