It might've seemed like Colby Bradshaw never left the field on Friday night.

That's because the James Buchanan senior didn't very often. He played at least five positions for the Rockets in a loss to Shippensburg, including time spent on offense, defense and special teams.

Bradshaw started at his usual positions of running back and linebacker and also served as the team's punter due to an injury to Oscar Erkes. He averaged 28.6 on three punts.

Early in the fourth quarter, Bradshaw was also inserted as the Rockets' quarterback.

"It wasn't anything (starter) Sebastian (Wise) did or didn't do for us; we just wanted to see if putting someone else back there would give us a little spark," JB coach Andy Stoner said. "We noticed the last couple of weeks, teams have been crowding the line, knowing that we haven't gotten many passes completed or out there to stretch the defense a little bit.

"The plan was to give Sebastian some competition in practice, and if we wanted to go with Colby a little bit to see what it did - for a series there, it seemed like it did that."

Bradshaw finished 3-for-8 for 35 yards, had a pair of rushes and a single reception for 10 yards. He also finished seven total tackles.

KICKER HAS UNUSUAL NIGHT: Here's something most people will never see again - an intentional grounding call against a kicker on a point-after attempt.

Add that to a penalty for illegal forward kicking, and it was a bizarre night for Chambersburg's Nazeer Taylor.

It started on Chambersburg's first touchdown, when the snap went over Taylor's head. He scrambled backwards, grabbed the ball and chucked it up to an empty spot in the end zone.

"The snap was just really bad on the extra point," Taylor said. "We have a fire call, so we called that. I threw it to where the route was supposed to be, but it just wasn't there. That was their fault, though; no one could hear the ball."

The bad luck continued for Taylor early in the third quarter when another snap flew over his head, this time on a punt. Once again, he ran backwards, attempting to make something out of nothing. But he was called for illegal forward kicking, because he kicked the ball from the ground.

"That was like the first time those things ever happened to me in a game," Taylor said. "It was a mix of panic and adrenaline and just trying to do something to make us win. It didn't really work out, but I tried."

Trojan coach Mark Luther said, "Those were no fault of his. What Naz was trying to do was just react to a bad situation."

TOP DOG: With Shippensburg's most recent victory - a 66-0 thrashing of JB - the Greyhounds are now ranked first, unofficially, in the District 3 Class 4A power rankings.

Ship is the only undefeated team in 4A, and is one of just six squads across the district that remains unbeaten.

The Greyhounds' stock could move up even more this weekend, as it faces the 6A Mifflin County Huskies.

CENTURY CLUB: This week's Century Club is limited to just a pair of athletes.

Waynesboro's Brady Beckner led Franklin County with 142 rushing yards and 14 carries, and Chambersburg's Sean Vessah had a mere three catches totaling 134 yards. Both players were helped along by a single long play. Beckner scored a 55-yard touchdown, and Vessah hauled in a 79-yard score.

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