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Chambersburg pulls team from field hockey game

It's been a rough week for the Chambersburg field hockey team.

Last Thursday in a 3-1 loss to Central Dauphin, two starters went out with an injury, one for the season.

After a 4-2 loss to Cumberland Valley on Tuesday, the Trojans traveled to Mifflin County for a Mid Penn Commonwealth Division game. It did not end well.

With 11:24 remaining and the Huskies holding a 2-0 lead, Chambersburg coach Jen Amsley informed the game officials that she was taking her team off the field.

By that point, two Trojan players who had been knocked out of the game with possible concussions. One, Rachel Dusman, had been looked at by the Mifflin County trainer, who had recommended that she not re-enter the game because of concussion-like symptoms, according to Amsley.

The second, Kaylea Garman, had injured her neck in a collision with a teammate and a Huskies player. She was taken away in an ambulance. Amsley said she was later released to go home.

"By the time I got back down to the field from helping carry Kaylea to the ambulance, they had restarted the game again," Amsley said. "I heard a few of our parents suggesting we not keep playing, and I talked to my assistant. Then I went over to the official and said we'd had enough."

Amsley's main complaint was about the field. Because of the hot, dry summer, the grass field did not have a lot of grass on it, and because of that it was hard and very bumpy.

"It was just bad," Amsley said. "There were only patches of grass and a lot of dust. It was like playing on a parking lot with dust. The ball would hit something and just go. And with their aggressive style of play, the field became a huge factor.

"My kids' well-being is more important than risking any more injuries."

Chambersburg athletic director Jeremy Flores was not sure how the game would be recorded, but said it will likely stand as a 2-0 Mifflin County win.

"We will review and discuss what happened with our coaches," Flores said, "and based on that we may speak with Mifflin County, the Mid Penn and PIAA."

Keri Kanley and Emily Shilling scored goals for the Huskies, both in the second half. The defeat dropped the Trojans' record to 4-4 (1-4 MPC).