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Greencastle's Parks wins dual with Yourkavitch

Greencastle-Antrim freshman Taryn Parks made an immediate impact on the cross country scene this fall.

Her footprint got considerably bigger Saturday afternoon when she zipped past Chambersburg junior Abby Yourkavitch near the home stretch to capture first place in the Mid Penn Conference cross country championships at Big Spring.

Yourkavitch broke through the pack to take the lead midway through the race. But Parks steadily gained on her, moved into second place with about 600 meters to go and took the lead with about 400 left. She finished in 18:36.4 and Yourkavitch clocked an 18:43.9.

"That wasn't exactly what the plan was," Greencastle coach Rich Secrest said. "We were expecting her to gap everybody else earlier and have the lead before then. But in the second mile she didn't match what she'd done in the first mile. It's hard to keep the times even when you're so pumped up."

Chambersburg coach Chris Monheim said, "Abby ran very well and had a good strategy."

The Trojans had a good day all around, placing second as a team behind State College and putting two other girls in the top 10 - Kaylee Mowery was fifth in 19:11.8 and Cadie Kiser was 10th in 19:35.2.

"That was the best 1-2-3 runners of any school, and I think we've only done that once since I've been here," Monheim said. "This was our best race of the season by far. We've had to be patient because of some injuries, but we're healthy now, and this is exactly where we thought we'd be."

Also for Greencastle, Lauren Hirneisen placed 11th in 19:54.2. Sarah Kimmel was 53rd for James Buchanan, Shippensburg's top finisher was Ava Franklin (64th) and Waynesboro's Lindsey Bricker was 78th.

In the boys race, Chambersburg took eighth as a team and Andrew Feldman was the highest placer, 16th in 16:40.3. Trentin Overcash took 34th in 17:11.7.

"Probably the best we could have done is seventh," Trojan coach John Ambrosio said, "because there are six really good teams. And our time gap was not that good. I was really happy with Feldman's performance - if he can duplicate that in two weeks he might qualify for states."

James Buchanan's Dalton Leab took 30th in 17:07.3, Chris Maichle was 32nd for Waynesboro in 17:09.5 and Greencastle's best finish was from Andrew Johnson in 56th (17:42.7).

The District 3 championships are Oct. 29 back at Big Spring.

Mid Penn Championships
Saturday, at Big Spring
Team Standings

1.State College 74, 2.Chambersburg 89, 3.Hershey 106, 4.Carlisle 116, 5.Northern York 149, 6.Palmyra 208, 7.Cumberland Valley 235, 8.Lower Dauphin 242, 9.Red Land 257, 10.Big Spring 274, 14.Greencastle-Antrim 412, 18.Waynesboro 511, 20.Shippensburg 569, 22.James Buchanan 589.
1.Taryn Parks (G-A) 18:36.4, 2.Abby Yourkavitch (Chbg) 18:43.9, 3.Andie Demko (Her) 18:52.2, 4.Marlee Starliper (NY) 19:00.9, 5.Kaylee Mowery (Chbg) 9:11.8, 6.Sydney Myers (CD) 19:17.5, 7.Taylor Mortenson (Her) 19:20.4, 8.Catherine Curtin (SC) 19:21.5, 9.Gracen Cabral (Car) 19:23.5, 10.Cadie Kiser (Chbg) 19:35.2, 11.Megan Hirneisen (G-A) 19:54.2 
Other Chambersburg runners: 35.Olivia Summers 20:52.8, 40.Sydney Parson 21:10.7, 48.Anna DeGrange 21:26.6, 71.Camaryn Ellis 22:05.1.
Greencastle: 108.Rebeckah Duvall 23:23.7
Shippensburg: 64.Ava Franklin 21:55.5, 70.Megan Pomeroy 22:03.8
James Buchanan: 53.Sarah Kimmel 21:35.4
Waynesboro: 78.Lindsey Bricker 22:14.5, 88.Chelsea Bricker 22:31.7, 110.Heather Kolanda 23:23.6
Team Standings

1.Carlisle 71, 2.Lower Dauphin 89, 3.Cumberland Valley 100, 4.State College 120, 5.Mechanicsburg 125, 6.Hershey 128, 7.Palmyra 238, 8.Chambersburg 250, 9.Mifflin County 251, 10.Red Land 312, 13.Greencastle 464, 15.Waynesboro 483, 16.James Buchanan 489, 23.Shippensburg 690
1.Noah Affolder (Car) 15:48.1, 2.Sam Affolder (Car) 15:53.0, 3.Nick Feffer (SC) 15:58.9, 4.Isaac Kole (Car) 16:00.6, 5.Alex Tomasko (Mech) 16:05.7, 6.Morgan Cupp (Mech) 16:07.2, 7.Colton Cassel (LD) 16:16.2, 8.Andrew Sullivan (Her) 16:17.3, 9.Jared Giannasccoli (LD) 16:19.9, 10.Kyler Shea (LD) 16:21.5.
Chambersburg: 16.Andrew Feldman 16:40.3, 34.Trentin Overcash 17:11.7, 52.Quinn Mangan 17:32.7, 74.Patrick Zook 17:57.5, 85.Donovan Hazelton 18:13.6, 86.Ian Mangan 18:14.0, 101.Chris Diaz 18:27.3
James Buchanan: 30.Dalton Leab 17:07.3, 70.Alex Giffin 17:53.4, 99.Ethan Izer 18:25.4.
Greencastle: 56.Andrew Johnson 17:42.7, 84.Dylan Neikirk 18:12.2, 93.Rylan Hummer 18:20.2, 111.Billy Schemel 18:35.5
Shippensburg: 108.Hunter Kent 18:34.9
Waynesboro: 32.Chris Maichle 17:09.5, 91.Ethan Lowman 18:16.4, 119.Shadrach Roundy 18:48.4