NATHAN MAYNARD, Chambersburg, jr., mid: At times, Maynard seemed to be everywhere on the field, even though he was slotted at midfield ... He ended up with 7 goals and 7 assists and was a Mid Penn Commonwealth second-team pick ... Trojan coach Corey Grove said, "He's a player who will do everything for you, and he's so well-rounded as a player. His engine never stops. He has a brilliant soccer IQ and that makes him a great leader on the field. He could be the best player on the field at different positions."

ERIK ESPINOZA, Chambersburg, sr., for: Espinoza concluded a fine career for the Trojans by scoring a team-high 14 goals, with 3 assists .. That upped his career totals to 39 goals and 6 assists in 3 years ... Chambersburg coach Corey Grove said, "Erik is just a goal scorer. But honestly, I think his biggest attribute was that he got a lot of other guys open because he drew a lot of defensive attention. He took advantage of the chances he got and was an excellent leader." ... Espinoza was a MPC Commonwealth first-teamer.

MIKELL McGEE, Fannett-Metal, jr., for: McGee scored a hat trick in the first game of the season and the goals kept coming -- he ended up with an area-high 39 strikes, and added 14 assists ... With a year to go, the Sideling Hill League all-star has 61 goals and 21 assists for his career ... Tiger coach Greg Best said, "Plain and simple, he just has a nose for the goal. He's pretty good at beating guys 1-on-1 and getting a shot off. And he's patient with his shots -- he can hit the corners of the goal."

RAFAEL BONILLA, Chambersburg, jr., for: The addition of Bonilla to Chambersburg's attack added a creative component ... He was named to the MPC Commonwealth first team ... Bonilla scored 13 goals and had 8 assists ... Chambersburg coach Corey Grove said, "He's lived here for three years, but never played on a school team until this year. I knew he'd be great if we could get him out -- he's so gifted 1v1 and he's so quick laterally. I think he got the most out of playing on our team."

BRANDON STUHLER, Greencastle-Antrim, so., for: Stuhler put in a solid sophomore season as the go-to guy up front for the Blue Devils, scoring 16 goals and adding 4 assists ... "He always seems to be in the right place," Greencastle coach Scott Gelsinger said, "and the ball just seems to find his foot. His skills got better this year and he showed a little more speed. He's a kid who works hard and goes non-stop the whole game." ... Stuhler was a first-team choice in the Mid Penn Colonial.

NIC CULLER, McConnellsburg, jr., def: Culler is not big in the size department, but it would be a mistake to undersell his talents or heart ... Spartan coach Cory Houck said, "He's started since he was a freshman, and I enjoy seeing other players look at him and kind of joke about his size, and then quickly realize how solid he is. If I could afford to take him out of the backfield, he could be a really good midfielder." ... Culler, a Sideling Hill League all-star, did score 5 goals and add 9 assists.

BRAXTON SHETTER, Shippensburg, sr., mid: Shetter lost his junior year due to a broken ankle just before the season started, but he came back with a solid senior year ... "That was a big loss for us last year," Shippensburg coach Warren Jones said. "We played him mostly at attacking midfielder, and he showed good vision and was very good in the air. He maybe could have shot more often, but likes being the guy who gets the assist." ... Shetter, an MPC Colonial first teamer, had 5 goals and 3 assists.

JOHN RAMIREZ, Chambersburg, jr., mid: Ramirez had only 2 goals and 2 assists, but Trojan coach Corey Grove said, "The stats don't show what he did for us. He was our best player at keeping possession. He was a defensive mid and his job was to get the ball and move it forward, and he was one of the best in the league at that." .... Greencastle coach Scott Gelsinger said, "That kid really makes them go. He showed a lot of composure on the ball and seemed to get everything started for them."

RYAN YODER, Greencastle-Antrim, sr., def: Yoder has been the leader for the Blue Devil defense for the past couple of years from his center back position ... "He was our anchor back there," Greencastle coach Scott Gelsinger said. "He has worked really hard to get better over the years. He was great at winning balls out of the air in the back. He's just a hard-nosed player." ... Yoder was a first-team selection in the Mid Penn Colonial Division, and he contributed a goal and an assist for G-A.

AARON TYLICKI, Waynesboro, so., for: Tylicki led the Indians by scoring 9 of the team's 20 goals, and he assisted on 6 others ... Waynesboro coach Brian Stum said, "Aaron's got a nose for the cage. He's one of those kids where his goals are not all that pretty, but he gets it done. He's talented, and he seems to have that talent to score goals that you just can't teach. He scored in a lot of different ways." ... Tylicki was selected for the Mid Penn Colonial first team.


PATRICK KEEFER, McConnellsburg: sr., for

LAYTON HOFFMAN, Fannett-Metal: sr., mid

JONAH STAINS, Shalom Christian: jr., for

MATT WEST, Shippensburg: sr., for

INIGO MACIAS, Chambersburg: jr., def

ADAM HEINTZELMAN, James Buchanan: jr., mid

KALEB HURLEY, Greencastle-Antrim: so., mid

CHASE VARNER, Southern Fulton:jr., mid

STERLING BARD, Cumberland Valley Christian: jr., mid

RYLEY REED, Chambersburg: jr., def

CYRUS LEHMAN, Shalom Christian: sr., mid


Chambersburg: Eric Dixon (sr., mid), Chandler Schur (sr., goalkeeper). Greencastle-Antrim: Austyn Smith (sr., def), Jared Spoonhour (sr., mid). James Buchanan: Isaac Shenton (jr., for), Joel Wadel (jr., def), Sean Martin (so., goalkeeper). Shippensburg: Jackson VanHorne (jr., def), Chandler Olson (jr., mid). Waynesboro: Derek Buhrman (fr., mid), Tim Correll (jr., mid). Fannett-Metal: Jamie Birgfeld (sr., goalkeeper), Chris Rosenberry (sr., def), Kyler Goshorn (fr., for). McConnellsburg: Ethan Barclay (jr., for), Cody Parson (jr., def), Hunter Souders (jr., goalkeeper). Forbes Road: Aaron Schepis (jr., for), James Kendall (sr., mid). Southern Fulton: Benji Voight (jr., mid). Shalom Christian: Chase Martin (jr., mid), Jake Holderman (sr., def). CV Christian: Soto Ono (so., for), Eric Woo (so., for).


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