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Shalom's Cameron Roseman scores 1,000th point

Heading into Saturday's Maxon-Dixon Christian Conference consolation game, Shalom Christian's Cameron Roseman was tantalizingly close to joining the 1,000-point club.

Whether it be fatigue, pressure or simply good defense on the part of Faith Christian, Roseman took quite a while to earn the six points he needed for the milestone.

But four straight free throws in the third quarter sent Shalom fans into chants of "Cameron! Cameron!" The pressure was off; Roseman scored his 1,000th point with 1:50 left in the frame.

“It felt pretty good; it was exciting,” Roseman said. “I worked really hard in the offseason, and I tried to always push myself in practice as hard as I can.”

Roseman is the most recent in a long line of 1,000-point scorers for the Flames basketball program - they've had a total of four in the last three years. Under boys coach Danley Shank, both Roseman and Jonah Stains hit the milestone as juniors.

“It’s definitely not easy (to do as a junior),” Shank said. “They’re making me look good. Even with me as their coach, they’re able to accomplish that, so they deserve something extra for that.”

Roseman is certain to add to that point total, which now sits at 1,005, and could be looking to track down Shalom's all-time scoring record, currently held by Stains, a senior.

But that’s not the main goal on Roseman’s mind, and honestly, he knows working with Stains has been a big factor in his success.

“It would be nice if we could get to the championship,” Roseman said. “We feed off each other really well. Yesterday (in the semifinals), he kept driving and kicking out to me, and he did a really good job of getting me open.”

Always having a team-first mindset, Roseman’s milestone Saturday afternoon probably could’ve come a bit earlier. In the first quarter, he had a trio of potential fast-break layups, but instead of taking the shot himself, he elected to pass it off to a teammate.

“I honestly wasn’t too worried about the whole milestone going into the game,” Roseman said. “I wanted to get my teammates open and just win the game. I would’ve much rather had zero points yesterday and been in the championship game today than being here.”

Shank said, “You have to take the best shot, and I think he’s always thinking about that. There are times where I wish he would shoot more, but for the most part, he’s a pretty good decision maker. And usually in those instances, he is making the right decision to either dump off or finish it.”

Roseman finished with 11 points in Shalom’s 40-39 heartbreaker against Faith. Roseman scored a go-ahead putback with 7.6 seconds left, before the Falcons took the victory on a buzzer-beating jumper from Will Smoot, who had a game-high 21 points.

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