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Mid Penn All-Stars announced

This year's Mid Penn Colonial Division All-Star team is slathered with local talent.

Between boys and girls, seven local athletes earned first team spots in the Colonial Division, with six second team nods and six honorable mentions.

Shippensburg's Wade Mills led the first team Colonial honors, with Teagan Staver taking second team and Cody Gustafson earning an honorable mention. Mariah Martin and Kara Newell earned honorable mentions for the Lady Hounds.

Greencastle-Antrim's Casey Hoover earned first team recognition while Bryan Gembe and Brandon Stuhler took second team and honorable mention, respectively.

For the Lady Blue Devils, Jenay Faulkner and Hannah Crist claimed first team honors, while Meghan Hirneisen took an honorable mention.

James Buchanan boys had a pair of all-star recipients with Ryan Hege earning into first team honors and Gage Piper with an honorable mention. Charity Miller and Rachel Martin were voted second team for the Lady Rockets.

Cat Weber was named to the first team for Waynesboro girls, and Chelsea Cover followed with a second team honor, while the boys also earned first and second team honors in Cameron Keck and Kyle Hoffman, respectively.

In the Commonwealth, Chambersburg's Cole Christian received first-team honors, and ByShawn Mincie was first honorable mention.

Mid Penn Conference All-Stars



First team: Deshawn Millington (C), Chris Whitaker (H), Jordan Purcell (C), Cole Christian (Chbg), Drew Friberg (SC).

Second team: Jack Packer (MC), Evan Chandler (CDE), Josh Giardina (CV), Christian Ray (H), Anthony Johnson (H).

Honorable mention: ByShawn Mincie (Chbg), Tommy Sekunda (SC), Theo Braddy (CD), Braydon Parr (CD), Brennen Jackson (CDE).


First team: Wade Mills (S), Casey Hoover (GA), Ryan Hege (JB), Cameron Keck (W), Eric Jacobs (N).

Second team: Hunter Breon (Boil), Bryan Gembe (GA), Teagan Staver (S), Bryce Ruth (BS), Kyle Hoffman (W).

Honorable mention: Brandon Stuhler (GA), Gage Piper (JB), Cody Gustafson (S), Curtis Robison (N), Ryker Armond (BS).


First team: Donyae' Baylor Carroll (MH), Casey Caruso (CH), Jaqui Jenkins (SH), Austin Gilbertson (T), David Fetrow (CH).

Second team: Sam Powery (EP), Keonte Lucas (MH), Zack Kuntz (CH), Tim Edwards (T), Ryan Hughes (M).

Honorable mention: Sean Good (T), Tyron Brown (MH), Darrien Richards (MH), Jaron Grayer (SH), Mitch Henry (EP).


First team: Dylan Painter (Her), James Williams (BM), Morgon Keiser (RL), Derek Ford (CC), Austin Yetter (Palmyra).

Second team: Isaac Blatt (P), Tim Kater (BM), Cade Alioth (M), Nathan Vrabel (M), Dillin Wright (RL).

Honorable mention: Will Bowen (LD), Nick Gemmell (BM), Connor Gurt (Her), Bryce Gall (BM), Mark Schultz (CC).



First team: Kelly Jekot (CV), Kyla Irwin (SC), Tori LEsko (CD), Katie Jekot (CV), Tysha Brown (H).

Second team: Alexis Smith (CD), Maggie Wilson (MC), Justyn Roberts (CDE), Dajahnae Brannon (H), Alexis Hartwick (CD).

Honorable mention: Jada Pettis (CDE), Kayla Hawbaker (SC), Morgan Baughman (CV), Jessica Rawls (CDE), Sydney Purcell (C).


First team: Jenay Faulkner (GA), Hannah Crist (GA), Marissa Armolt (Boil), Cat Weber (W), Hannah Swenski (BS).

Second team: Charity Miller (JB), Marissa Emlet (BS), Chelsea Cover (W), Rachel Martin (JB), Maddy Decou (Boil).

Honorable mention: Mariah Martin (S), MAdison Hemler (Boil), Meghan Hirneisen (GA), Lauryn Stouffer (Boil), Kara Newell (S).


First team: Leah Springer (CH), Ja'Lynn Burton-Jones (Middle), Diamond Bragg (CH), Aisha Freeman (MH), Sunshine McCrae (EP).

Second team: Bianca Jasper (Middle), Meredith Brown (WP), Grace Stauffer (WP), Ashley Dean (T), Zaria Isom (SH).

Honorable mention: Rachel Abel (T), Atiya McDonald (MH), Taya Wadsworth (MH), Madison Ernst (EP), Tayler Fries (EP).


First team: Jordan Hertz (M), Mikayla Ruth (BM), Bella Ricci (RL), Joya Maser (ST), Molly Gundermann (P).

Second team: Sarah Gibbs (LD), Rileigh Devine (RL), Becca Reilley (CC), Olivia Fasick (BM), Amber Schweiger (LD).

Honorable mention: Alex Leader (LD), Brianna Breski (BM), Janises Pope (ST), Olivia Dalby (CC), Shyanna Gaston (Her).