Waynesboro took gold in the Chambersburg Winter Classic on Dec. 18, 2015.


CHAMBERSBURG - When Alex Stoops stepped on the mat Friday at the Chambersburg Winter Classic, you could tell she was on another level.

But according to Waynesboro coach Amy Dennis, that was no surprise.

"She's a very talented young lady," Dennis said. "She's got lots of experience and doesn't get rattled at all; nothing seems to bother her. She goes with the flow and that's the best kind of gymnast to have."

Stoops won every event to propel the Maidens to a victory over Chambersburg, something that Dennis says is always the goal coming into the season. Stoops scored more than eight points in all events, winning the all-around with 34 points.

Waynesboro won the meet with a 120.2 team score. Chambersburg followed with 116.9 total points, and Paramount finished with 103.6.

For Stoops, the uneven bars was her best event, where she earned the highest score of the meet with an 8.6.

"I felt better today because I usually have a bail, which I didn't do today," Stoops said. "That's the one thing I'm nervous for on bars."

Following Stoops in three of four events and the all-around was Waynesboro freshman Madeline Johnson, who finished with a 32.0 all-around score, and took second in beam, bars and tied for silver in vault with Chambersburg's Abby Zeger.

Zeger and Jocelyn Kibbe each won multiple medals for the Trojans, with Kibbe taking third in all-around, beam, floor and vault. Zeger took second in floor and third in bars.

"Abby was a lot cleaner on floor," Chambersburg coach Lexie Bowie said. "She is known for bent arms, so she did a really good job on cleaning that up. She was just on top of it tonight, which was really good to see."

Bowie was pleased with Chambersburg's performance on the uneven bars, an event that the Trojans did not have much confidence in coming into the season, performing with the minimum number of competitors to receive a team score.

"We had a really good night on bars, which was really unexpected for us," Bowie said. "They got their stuff together at the last minute and pulled it together and it looked great.

"We have a couple of areas that we really need to work on, but I think for the first meet of the season they did great."

Chambersburg Winter Invitational

Team Results

1.Waynesboro 120.2, 2.Chambersburg 116.9, 3.Paramount 103.6


All-Around — 1.Alex Stoops (W) 34.0, 2.Madeline Johnson (W) 32.0, 3.Jocelyn Kibbe (C) 31.15. Beam — 1.Stoops (W) 8.5, 2.Johnson (W) 8.2, 3.Kibbe (C) 7.7. Uneven bars — 1.Stoops (W) 8.6, 2.Johnson (W) 7.8, 3.Zeger (C) 7.7. Floor — 1.Stoops (W) 8.5, 2.Zeger (C) 7.75, 3.Kibbe (C) 7.65. Vault — 1.Stoops (W) 8.4, 2.(tie) Johnson (W), Zeger (C) 8.4, 3.Kibbe (C) 8.2.

Junior Varsity

All-Around — 1.Anna Martin (P) 22.2, 2.Jenny Song (W) 15.9, 3.Haley Howes (W) 14.2. Beam — 1.Martin (P) 5.1, 2.Caitlin Hunsecker (C) 5.0, 3.Song (W) 4.6. Uneven bars — 1.Martin (P) 4.6, 2.Song (W) 4.5. Floor — 1.Howes (W) 6.9, 2.Martin (P) 5.9, 3.Megan Herold (W) 4.9. Vault — 1.Howes (W) 7.3, 2.Hunsecker (C) 7.1, 3.Ashlee King (W) 7.0.

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