Reese Devilbiss is working his way back to being 100 percent healthy.

The Ohio State commit suffered a hand and ankle injury during the Koller Classic on April 16, which sidelined him for most of the tournament and two games last week. Devilbiss returned to the court over the weekend at the State College Invitational and played Tuesday's game against Red Lion with his hand and ankle wrapped up.

"(The hand) is doing better," Devilbiss said. "It still hurts pretty bad. I have it taped up, so I'm losing a little bit of range on my shot. But the ankle is feeling better."

Devilbiss had originally planned to play on Tuesday without having his ankle wrapped, but after taking warmups he changed his mind.

"I ran over to the trainer and I was like I need this taped," He said. "So they're coming along. We don't have another game until Saturday, so I might take it easy and try to rehab it a little bit."

Even with his hand still bothering him, Devilbiss had a solid outing for the Bobcats. He recorded a team high 14 kills and had one ace against the Lions.

Bobcats head coach Matt Wilson applauded Devilbiss' ability to battle through the injury. Wilson said that the Northeastern outside hitter was showing some "grit."

"He's here for his teammates and he's here to help lead us like tonight to get the win. That was a crucial win for us tonight no doubt," Wilson said.

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