The holiday season is upon us and we're just days away from jolly old St. Nicholas making his way down the chimney to deliver presents. So in the spirit of the season we asked several local athletes and coaches what their annual Christmas traditions are and what they're hoping to find under the tree.

Christmas wishlist

Bill Ackerman, West York boys basketball head coach: "I just hope that the Christmas tree doesn't burn down and the cookies are well baked. As long as my family is healthy and with us that's all I can ask for."

Ashley Stone, Susquehannock girls' basketball: "Lots of shoes. A Beats Pill and clothes."

Darian McCauley, West York boys' basketball: "A lot of food. I like food. So probably anything like Christmas cookies or (teammate) Matt Dellorfano's mom makes great, great peanut butter crisps. It's like a peanut butter rice krispies with icing on top. If he gets me a pan of that I'll be happy."

Sarah Sepic, Central York girls' basketball:  "I want a Nike hoodie. Just Nike clothes."

Josh Bailey, West York boys' basketball: "NBA 2k16 (for Playstation 4). Money I guess. Just time spent with my family and friends."

Christmas traditions

Ackerman: "We're a Christmas Eve type family, so we really have the whole family over Christmas Eve. Extended family and Christmas morning is more for the immediate family. We do a lot games and i think we have some sort of pie throwing game this Christmas Eve. I know my kids are especially looking forward to giving dad a pie in the face."

Stone: "We wake up and open presents together as a family. Eat breakfast together and just spend the day...There's a Glen Rock Carolers and our family usually goes Christmas Eve for that and watch the carolers sing. And walk around Glen Rock."

McCauley: "On Christmas Eve we go to church together. We go up to my grandparents church and go to church together with them. Then waking up Christmas morning we all go downstairs and open up the presents. We make a big breakfast for us, so we eat that and then go open our presents. It's just a lot of fun."

Sepic: "We just go to my grandparents every Christmas Eve and my house on Christmas. Just spend time with family."

Bailey: "Normally in the morning we just open presents and hang out."

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