What happens when two cheerleading squads from opposing teams are each short a few members during a basketball game? In York Suburban and Northeastern's case they come together in a show of sportsmanship and cheer with one another.

During Friday's York Suburban vs. Northeastern boys' basketball game the two sides were without several cheerleaders. Each side only had six members, so one of the cheerleaders from Northeastern came up with an idea. Since the two teams wear similar colors why don't they cheer together. The two squads sat side-by-side during the game alternating cheers. The combined squads even performed two routines together during the game.

"The girls had a really good time," York Suburban cheerleading coach Leslee Yoder said. York Suburban and Northeastern basketball will see each other again in late January at Northeastern this time and there is the possibility the two cheer teams will reunite for another joint performance.

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