With Star Wars capturing the attention of the world this weekend, it was only natural that Spring Grove Rockets boys basketball coach James Brooks was posed with a question relating to the box office blockbuster after his team’s 84-74 overtime win over William Penn Friday night.

“What Star Wars character would describe a key player in the win,” Brooks was asked. The third year head coach paused for a second and then compared point Grant Wierman to R2D2. “He always ends up in the right place,” Brooks said with a smile.

Friday’s leading scoring Eli Brooks also weighed in on the lighthearted question, comparing Darin Gordon to Luke Skywalker. Although Gordon didn’t go toe-to-toe with Darth Vader and bring down the Empire, he did put up 23 points and went 4-for-6 from the line.

Gordon also stepped up when the William Penn defense put the pressure on Brooks, who did manage to put up 34 points.

“He rebounded and played defense,” Eli Brooks explained. “He’s a good role player, yet he’s a star on any other team. He’s still a star on our team averaging 17 points and he does big things for us. He steps up big time.”

Perhaps the best Star Wars Comparison for Spring Grove would be to equate Brooks and Gordon to Han Solo and Chewbacca. Two of the film’s fan favorites were a dynamic duo through the original trilogy, much like Brooks and Gordon have been for Spring Grove this season.

The two have combined for 97 points in the previous two games for the Rockets.

“That’s pretty much our makeup,” coach Brooks said. “Those two make our engine run, but now our supporting cast have more confidence in what they’re doing.”

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