With the 2015 fall sports season hitting the back stretch, we asked five York-area athletes for their opinions on a few hot topics ranging from biggest rivalries in the YAIAA to best places to play. Check it out.

Question: First up, other than your own home field, where is your favorite place to play?

Brittany Arentz, Northeastern soccer: Spring Grove.

Terry Cains, West York football: I would say Dallastown because it's a nice field. There's always a good crowd and it's always a good game.

Jordan Landis, York Suburban volleyball: My favorite gym in division play would definitely be West York. Like us, they have a smaller gym so it feels like home and the atmosphere there is always awesome which makes playing there so much better. Their fans and gym just amp everything up more than at any other gym.

Jared Wagner, Central York soccer: Susquehannock.

Jayla Godfrey, Red Lion field hockey: Spring Grove.

-Who’s your team’s biggest rival and why?

Arentz: Our biggest rival would definitely be Dover. The year before I joined the team, they beat Northeastern in the league finals. Over the years, we have also had close battles and it has gone back and forth.

Cains: Dover.

Landis: Our biggest rival this year would definitely have to be Susquehannock just because of how back and forth we have been this year, especially with us chasing them for the division title. However, it would probably have to be West York overall just because they've always been such good competition with us, and we have built up tension outside of just volleyball. We are just school rivals. And we haven't had Susquehannock in our division long enough for us to get that built-up rivalry from the rest of the school as well.

Wagner: Dallastown. Records always get thrown out the window whenever we play each other. It's always a battle of wills and no team ever wants to lose that game.

Godfrey: I believe Dallastown is our teams biggest rival. Not only because they're five minutes away, but also because of the ongoing rivalry we've had since the beginning that is still going til this day. It's not just field hockey's rival, but it's naturally every sport's rival at Red Lion.

-What was your favorite moment from this season?

Arentz: Beating Central in overtime.

Cains: My favorite moment is always taking that field on Friday nights and competing with my brothers.

Landis: Playing Susquehannock the second time around or in the county semifinals. We knew we had to prove ourselves after our first showing and we definitely did that. Our team played so well and everything just clicked for us. They're definitely games I'll remember from my senior year, especially last night (YAIAA tournament) because I had a season high number of kills, and we've never even made it past the first round of counties before. So not only was playing Susquehannock exciting, it was also something we've never done before, so that was awesome.

Wagner: Beating Daniel Boone, 6-1, in our last home game.

Godfrey: Our upset over New Oxford on our senior night. I scored the first goal to give the team the momentum we needed, then assisted Gill Orwig on her goal. New Oxford had two penalty corners in the last thirty seconds of the game, and after I got the ball out of the circle, my entire team rushed me. The team rushing me and everyone being there happy and filled with excitement was the greatest feeling ever.

-Who is one famous athlete you'd like to meet and why?

Arentz: Abby Wambach. She's the leading scorer in American soccer history and overall, she's a powerful leader and an inspiration.

Cains: Stefon Diggs (NFL wide receiver). He's a very hard worker and a great receiver. He's been my favorite receiver since I started playing receiver my freshman year.

Landis: There aren't really any famous athletes I'd like to meet. Maybe Steph Curry, but who wouldn't want to meet him?

Wagner: Isaiah Thomas, the Boston Celtics point guard. He's the best player in the NBA under six feet tall.

Godfrey: I think Hines Ward would be the one famous person I would want to meet because no matter any outcome of a game good or bad, he always walked off the field with a big smile on his face knowing he gave it his all every chance he had.

-What team in the league has the toughest goalie/defense to go up against?

Arentz: If I could vote for Brenna (Schroter) at goalie and Sawyer (Patrick) back at sweeper, I would. But other than them, Dallastown has a pretty strong defense.

Cains: The toughest defense I went up against this year would be Red Lion.

Landis: Delone, Susky or West York. We haven't really seen Delone much so it's hard to tell, but Susky and West York have great defenses. They go for everything and get touches on most balls.

Wagner: Gettysburg has the best team defense I've seen, but Darian McCauley (West York) is the best goalie we've played against this year.

Godfrey: Abbie Timperio from Central is a tough goalie to go against. She's very dynamic, quick on her feet, and good at getting up and down from diving to the ground. Central's defense is also a tough defense to face. Their sticks are always on the ground with solid block tackles, as well as being low to run through the ball whenever necessary.


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