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Poll: YAIAA girls' Athlete of the Week | Sept. 14-Sept. 20

It was a frightening week for the Bermudian Springs’ field hockey team, which saw four players get in a car accident prior to their Tuesday game against Fairfield (needless to say, the contest against the Green Knights was postponed).

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Two players - Olivia Blasone and Carli Messinger - stayed overnight in the hospital, while Balsone’s injuries required surgery on a fractured femur. Two other players - Victoria Lilley and Ashley Kunkle - were sent home from the hospital Tuesday night.

For starters, let’s be entirely grateful that all four players left the accident relatively unscathed. And from a sports standpoint, let’s also recognize how the team responded when it took the field days later against Hanover.

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Bermudian Springs rolled to a 7-0 win. Kenzie Farley netted four goals in the victory, while Nicki Wolf added three of her own. Kunkle was the only player in the car accident who took the field Thursday, and she recorded an assist on the evening.

There also was tremendous support shown across the board - from Hanover’s team captains offering Bermudian Springs a bouquet of flowers and two cards, to Delone Catholic and Biglerville wearing red in their respective game to honor the players, to the South Western team wearing red bows in their hair during their game as a similar sign of solidarity.

“The response from everybody has been overwhelming,” said Bermudian Springs head coach Neil Bixler. “We really want to thank everybody for all the well wishes. It’s just been unbelievable, the response.”

Farley has been recognized as a nominee in our Athlete of the Week poll. Vote now before things close Monday at 5 p.m.: