High school sports in Pennsylvania and the YAIAA officially kicked off Friday, Sept. 4. Most, sports, that is. Unlike the football, soccer, field hockey and volleyballs; athletes on the girls' tennis and golf teams have been playing for over two weeks.

That certainly rings true in the simple fact that the York Catholic golfers could clinch, yes, clinch, a YAIAA Division III golf title with a win Tuesday at their home course, Country Club of York.

Currently in Division III, York Catholic leads the race with 60 points. York County Tech is 12 points behind and unless the Spartans can pull off the upset, a tall task, the Fighting Irish will win a YAIAA division title before most teams have even played a divisional contest.

In fact, the only sport to have divisional contests contested is golf.

A win and a second place finish by York County Tech will give t

he Fighting Irish just a share, but if any other Division III squad can bypass the Spartans with an Irish win, and York Catholic is the outright Division III champs.

Wild, huh?

I can't believe that it's September 6th and the fall season just began, yet we're already talking YAIAA clinching scenarios. That's just wild!

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