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Sunday Spotlight: Two-minute drill Q&A with Lucas Barshinger, Tucker Devilbiss, Zach Rollman

It's Week 10, and we've finally reached the end of our Sunday Spotlight series of quick Q&As with York-Adams high school football players. Check out the full Sunday Spotlight series index to catch up with any of the players you've missed.

In this edition, Eastern York fullback/linebacker Lucas Barshinger shares his favorite elementary school recess activity, Susquehannock running back and linebacker Tucker Devilbiss tells us which teammate he wouldn't want to face, and Red Land lineman Zach Rollman discusses his teammate "Cookie."

LUCAS BARSHINGER,Eastern York fullback/linebacker

One player on your team that you wouldn’t want to face: Jimmy Kurnik. He’s intimidating.

NFL player you would compare yourself to: Can’t really compare myself to any.

Actor who would play you in a movie about your life: The Rock.

Sport you are the absolute worst at:  Soccer.

Stadium (other than your own) you like the best: Columbia.

Favorite thing to do during elementary school recess: Swing. I don’t remember.

ZACH ROLLMAN,Red Land offensive/defensive lineman

Your favorite pregame meal: My favorite is spaghetti. Any kind of pasta, really.

Your favorite Mid-Penn stadium to play in: It would have to be McDevitt’s old stadium. That was awesome.

Pregame music selection: We have a bunch of speakers in our locker room. Our whole team listens to a lot of loud music to pump us up. It’s definitely rap.

Best nickname on your team: Brandon Seitz. We call him Cookie. One of our old coaches gave him that nickname a few years ago when he had a Cookie Monster hat and a T-shirt. I have to think about it sometimes to remember his real name.

TUCKER DEVILBISS,Susquehannock running back/outside linebacker

The one player on your team you wouldn’t want to face: Ray Wenger. He’s a hard-nosed kid.

NFL player you’d compare yourself to: Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t watched NFL in a long time. I’m more of a college football fan. Mike Hart from Michigan. He didn’t have a line, but he’d still drive through everybody.

Who would play you in a movie about your life: Mark Wahlberg.

The stadium you like the best other than your own: Spring Grove. Beautiful stadium, and there’s always high energy there.

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