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Results from the YAIAA diving championships

Northeastern's Olivia Thornton is shown at left competing at Saturday's YAIAA diving championships, held at Central York. (Yes, I got lucky on this photo).

Read on for the complete results from that meet.

YAIAA Diving Championships

Girls: 1. Taylor Bahoric, Dover, 324.15, 2. Courtney Seitzinger, Central York, 315.20, 3. Erica Sarver, West York, 307.25, 4. Gabrielle Heilman, South Western, 292.45, 5. Lindsey Pope, Northeastern, 288.45, 6. Olivia Thornton, Northeastern, 263.40, 7. Sophie Trettel, Spring Grove, 244.55, 8. Morgan Johnston, Dallastown, 221.30, 9. Kayla Smith, Spring Grove, 211.50, 10. Madi Herman, Dover, 178.15.

Boys: 1. Andrew Feeser, South Western, 324.40, 2. Ben Staub, Dallastown, 293.80, 3. Joseph Writer, Northeastern, 244.40, 4. Jake Riddle, Dover, 234.90, 5. Tony DeFelice, Dallastown, 230.80, 6. Rock Brenner, Central York, 214.20, 7. Montana Miller, Spring Grove, 160.85.

The following divers qualified for their respective District 3 championships. AAA Girls: Bahoric, Seitzinger, Heilman. AA Girls: Sarver. AAA Boys: Feeser, Staub, DeFelice. AA Boys: Writer.

The Class AA diving championships will be held Wednesday February 19 at Big Spring High School. The Class AAA diving championships will be held Saturday, February 22 at Governor Mifflin Intermediate School.