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Inside early morning swim practice at Dallastown

Reporter Steve Navaroli isn't necessarily a morning person, but he finally mustered the motivation to stop by an early-morning swim practice.

We all know Steve for his excellent coverage of high school swimming. And he said he's really been meaning to visit one of the notorious 6 a.m. swim practices held (devotedly? maniacally?) at the pool before classes.

Here's a glimpse into the early morning world of a high school swimmer, brought to you by a vat of highly caffeinated coffee.

Steve visited Dallastown's practice, but we know many other swim teams also wake up early for practice. We want to hear from you, too! Tweet us your workout schedules or send us a Tout video of the most intense swimmer in the pool!

Want to be a swimmer? Here is a 4,000 yard workout that Dallastown did between 6 and 7 this morning. -- Steve Navaroli (@SteveNavaroli) December 18, 2013

See a video interview with swimmer Julia Randolph and more scenes from the pool after the jump.

I am accustomed to 6 am practice, although the water is usually frozen when son Andrew is playing hockey -- Steve Navaroli (@SteveNavaroli) December 18, 2013