Twelve cheerleaders from York and Adams counties were selected to cheer and perform at the Big 33 Football Classic on June 15:

Bermudian Springs

  • Elizabeth Hall

Central York 

  • Katelyn Zambito


  • Amanda Arnold
  • DeAja Stepp

Red Land 

  • Rebekah Adamski
  • Nicole Dziurzynski
  • Ashley Dziurzynski
  • Raven Gayman

South Western 

  • Rebekah Myers

Spring Grove

  • Tori Allison
  • Bianca Cropper
  • Briana Cropper

This year, the game will be between Pennsylvania and Maryland -- instead of Ohio. It will be at Hersheypark Stadium at 7:45 p.m.

West York football player Brody Kern was previously selected to represent Pennsylvania in the game.

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