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Video: Thanking those who helped the Navaroli Nation

When I edit videos, I generally try to keep them no longer than 2 minutes.

This made it tough when I took video from Monday's Navaroli Nation reception at York Suburban High School. Suburban swimmers Will Massey and Emily Schmittle took the mic and thanked a litany of people from the ladies in the office to Marty Krebs, who created the T-shirt design.

Most of their speech didn't make my final video. But I thought it was important to recognize those involved in this effort, so here is the raw video from Will and Emily's speech (Side note: I stopped this video before they thanked their moms, Lisa Schmittle and Sally Massey. But those two ladies deserve a big round of applause for supporting their kids like they did.)

And here is my original video from Monday: