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Play Golden Knight Trivia on your GameTimePA app during the Littlestown at Eastern York football game

The NewsVroom will be making its way east on Route 30 to Wrightsville on Friday afternoon to camp out at Eastern York for the Golden Knights' game against Littlestown.

Stop by the van to meet us and find out about the tools we use to bring you the news.

And once the game is under way, you can use your free GameTimePA app to play Golden Knight Trivia for your chance to win a GameTimePA prize pack.

Download the app to your phone and click on the blog section to access this entry while you are at the game.

Keep reading for the rules and questions .....Here are the rules for Golden Knight Trivia:

There are three questions: one for the first quarter, one for the second quarter and one for halftime.

You can see all the questions now, which should give you plenty of time to find the answers.

You can only answer them during the designated time slot. The first person to the NewsVroom with the correct answer is the winner.

Remember, you can only answer the first-quarter question in the first quarter. As soon as the second quarter starts, the second-quarter question is fair game, etc.


  • First-quarter question: What does Eastern running back Alex Cooley plan to major in during college?
  • Hint: Answer can be found somewhere here.

  • Second-quarter question: What year did Eastern York join the YCIAA, which became the YAIAA?
  • Hint: The answer is here somewhere.
  • Halftime question: How many career rushing yards did former Pittsburgh Steeler and current assistant coach Jon Witman have at Eastern?
  • Hint: Look around here for the answer.