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When running bases, Bulldogs can fly


Whenever a West York runner advances to second base, he hears Roger Czerwinski.

"You're all right ... all right, all right, all right, all right, all right."

Czerwinski is guiding them on their lead from the bag, but that's just one part that goes into West York's success running the bases.

"We talk about where the outfield is, the situation - one out, two outs, whatever it may be. We talk about the depth of the outfielders, the arm strength of the outfielders. We talk about what's going to happen on a passed ball, ground ball, line drive, fly ball, and we talk about what our goal is," Czerwinski said.

On Tuesday, in the Bulldogs' 8-1 win at Dallastown, they had 10 steals. Four of them came from junior Brandon Rauhauser, who twice stole second and third in one trip.

Dallastown coach Don Trout said the Bulldogs' speed and base running is the best he has seen from an opponent this year. Their impact certainly affected Wildcats starter Connor Schweinebart, who struck out five but walked seven and worked himself to 96 pitches by midway through the fifth.

“If he walked a guy, he scored,” Trout said.

Six of West York's eight runs Tuesday came from batters who walked to reach base.