Matthew Croft is a rising senior cross country runner for Red Lion High School.  Last year, as a junior, Croft was named York Daily Record Division I Runner of the Year.  He won every race he ran in during the regular season.

How old were you when you started running competitively?

I would say when I was about 14 years old

What is it about running that you enjoy?

I just like the fact that the harder you work the better you can get.  It is up to you to get better, nobody but you.

At what point did you realize that running was something you were good enough at to compete at the high school level?

It probably started in elementary school we would have these running events, and I won one and I really enjoyed it.  I don't know , I just really like running a lot.

In a typical week, how many miles do you run?

Somewhere between 40-45.

What did it feel like to be named the York Daily Record's Runner of the Year?

It felt really good.  It definitely gave me some motivation to keep training harder and harder.  You know the competition will be training so I just need to train harder.

What is your favorite night before a game meal?

Either salmon or rice and chicken

What is your favorite video game?

I like to play Halo for XBOX 360

What is your favorite junk food?

Grandma Utz Chips

What is your favorite movie of all time?

Without Limits which is about Prefontaine

Would you rather take a vacation to the beach or in the mountains

The beach

If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Probably Disney World

Best advice you have ever received?

My parents always told me whatever happens, do not make excuses about what you.  If you have a bad race, do not make excuses just try harder for next time
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