A commenter in today's live chat (MJacks44) posted this link, which leads you to a list of the top boys' scorers in the history of Pennsylvania basketball. It lists every player in the state's history that has scored more than 2,000 points. The list isn't completely updated with this year's top scorers, but using it we can project where local scoring leaders Logan Steckel (right) and Andrew NIcholas will rank on the list of the state's top scorers. Steckel, the Red Lion Christian standout, finished his career with 2,805 points, which would be put him in 13th place on this list. Nicholas, Eastern York's Monmouth-bound senior, ended up with 2,504 points, which would rank him 29th. (He's at No. 28 on the currently posted list, but he bumps back one when you add in Steckel.) Of course, we'll have to make sure there aren't any other 2,000-plus point scorers from the around the state that could otherwise alter those rankings. But regardless, 13th and 29th ain't too shabby. (As an aside, it's interesting to note that Steckel is the only player in the Top 20 to have played his entire career in the 2000s. That seems to run counter to the local trend, in which the majority of the area's top scorers seem to have played within the last 10 years. Make of that what you will.) There's also a girls' list here, which doesn't yet includes York Catholic's Kady Schrann. Her 2,162 points would put her in the top 90 all-time in the state. Be sure to check out the entire boys' list yourself, along with the rest of the site. The Top 10 includes names like Kobe Bryant, Billy Owens and Gerry McNamara. And thanks again to MJacks for the heads up.

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