For one of the few times in her already-incredible high school career, Kady Schrann decided to be selfish. To be fair, it was only because her coach asked her to. The York Catholic senior surpassed the 2,000-point milestone Friday night, dropping 24 points on 12-of-18 shooting in a 70-37 win over Biglerville. Schrann needed 22 points to reach the mark coming into the game, and ended up getting there in less than half. She reached 2,000 on an left-wing jump shot just inside the 3-point line with 2 minutes, 50 seconds remaining before halftime. Schrann's dominating performance was enthralling, perhaps in part because we almost never see the Vanderbilt commit shoot that much. Schrann is unselfish almost to a fault, and would seemingly rather set up a teammate than score herself. That's a cliche statement to make, but with Schrann it just might be true. Watching Friday's game made me wonder, how many career points could Schrann pile up if she wanted to? If she were simply a scorer instead of a facilitator? I posed this question to Fighting Irish coach Kevin Bankos last night. His answer was somewhat staggering. "I don't think 3,000-something is out of the question," Bankos said. The coach pointed out that Schrann never plays during blowout situations, and that his team is very conscious about trying to not run up the score. But if those limitations weren't the case, and Schrann was more selfish, Bankos said the scoring numbers could be dizzying. "If she played for a different program, and could teach herself to not to be so humble ... 3,500 would not surprise me," the coach said. There you go. So while Schrann may not break Autumn Lau's YAIAA scoring record 2,304 points, maybe that's not the right plane to judge her on. What does everybody else think? Is Bankos' estimate too high? Too low? Right on the money?

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