A few interesting national high school stories popped into my e-mail the other day.

The first was about a principal in San Jose who denied an ambulance access to the football field after a player was hurt - he suffered a blow to his neck and helmet.

Considering the all attention paid lately to concussions, I don't think that was such a smart more.

And secondly, Venice High School in Florida was forced to forfeit all of its wins, plus a district title, after it was found to have several violations, including:

  • Allowing a student who had falsely said he lived in the school district to play on the team.
  • Allowing at least two ineligible students to play on the team.
  • Allowing a student who lived outside the district to play on the team after he moved in with a student who lived inside the district
  • Allowing an assistant coach to house two players.

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