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Could turf fields pose a threat?

Saw an interesting piece from The Philadelphia Inquirer about the potential danger of the cushioning used in turf fields. Essentially, the Environmental Protection Agency is investigating whether the use of the turf fields releases chemicals that could be harmful to children.

Many synthetic fields use ground up tires as cushioning - providing newer turf fields with a bouncy feel. But according to the story, used tires typically contain toxic chemicals like mercury and lead. About 25,000 tires go into an average football field, according to the article.

The EPA conducted a study last fall of three turf fields that use tire crumbs. Those results, according to the article, are still being analyzed. There's plenty of other interesting information in there. I encourage you to give a read yourself.

Right now, six area high schools utilize synthetic turf fields. Central York and William Penn were the first to install the artificial surfaces. York Suburban, Northeastern, Susquehannock and Spring Grove have all followed suit.