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Edwards embracing leadership role after winning quarterback competition

Hempfield had a three-way quarterback competition this summer to figure out who would hold the reins to their spread offense in 2013. After a long summer of camps and workouts, head coach Ron Zeiber decided that experience and familiarity was the best recipe for success and named senior Michael Edwards the week one starter.

“Mike Edwards kind of stepped to the top,” Zeiber said during practice on Tuesday. “He did a great job at camp in mid-July and from that point on, he really started picking thing up and did an outstanding job learning the things he needed to learn.”

Edwards beat out sophomore Sam Kramer and junior Steve Johnson to secure the starting role despite getting a late start.

“Mike played lacrosse in the spring so he missed quite a bit as far as quarterback meetings and sessions. But once he got up to speed; it really showed,” Zeiber said. “He’s done a great job at making the reads he’s needed to make and be a leader on the team. He’s taken some great stride in the summer.”


Edwards, a backup quarterback since his sophomore year, has also been named a team captain in 2013.

“I worked hard and made sure I did the right things to get back. The other two guys did a great job at pushing me and the coaches did a great job at pushing me to my limits,” he said. “It went well though and I’m glad I worked hard and put in the effort to get the starting spot.”

With the most experience of the three candidates, Edwards is putting pressure on himself to make sure the Black Knights offense operates efficiently.

“We run a fast-paced offense so the key for that is to, no matter what, to get back for the next play. That’s one this we like to establish as a team is the pace. I have to make sure I control the offense,” he said.

The senior captain is also embracing the responsibility of keeping his team focused as well.

“If kids are acting up on the team, I have to step up, as the quarterback, because If I’m dragging my head or dragging myself, that’s not a good example for the team,” he said.  “They look up to me as the leader of this team to do the right thing and set a good example for everyone else. I just need to make sure I keep my head up and worry about the next play.”

The Black Knights kick off their 2013 campaign Friday night against Lampeter-Strasburg.