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Williams explains why everyone wants a piece of Manheim Central

As we’ve explored before, the Barons of Manheim Central seem to be on a lot of team’s radars. Numerous players around the L-L gave reasons why the MC game was circled on their calendar. Well I caught up with Barons coach Mike Williams this week and asked him why everyone wants a shot at his team.

“I think a lot of people dislike us because we’ve been successful. It’s just human nature,” Williams said. “We do the same thing. Cocalico won the section title so who do we want to beat? What’s the game we circle? Cocalico. They beat us last year so we circle them.”


Williams went on to explain that being in the crosshairs of a lot of teams isn’t necessarily a bad thing and can sometimes bring out the best in his own players.

“In a way, it a compliment because I do think people respect what we have accomplished,” Williams said. “You really have to tell your kids every game that you have to play your best because if a team beats us, even though they’re superior in talent, it’s still a feather in their cap.”

The Barons kick off their season on August 30 when they travel to Warwick