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Manheim Central in the crosshairs for numerous L-L teams


As high school football training camps approach, I’ve been talking with quite a few players as they prepare for the 2013 season. When I brought up the topic of what team the players are most looking forward to playing this season, there seemed to be a common theme throughout their answers.

A lot of the players responded by saying that Manheim Central is the game they have circled on their calendar this season. Some players said it was because their school has developed a rivalry with the Barons. Some players said they needed revenge for a bad loss last year. Another said that he was excited to play the Barons because playing such a solid program would be a good way to grade his own team.

For one reason or another, Manheim Central has found itself in the crosshairs of a quite a few teams. If you’re a Barons player, coach or supporter, I suppose this could be worn as a badge of honor that everyone wants a piece of you.

Either way, this should be an exciting season.